Directory of Work

List of all my current works, both fiction and non-fiction.

Photo credit to the author, from Crete 2018.
  • G for General Audiences
  • T for Teen (may contain mild non-explicit violence, sexual jokes or implications but no scenes)
  • M for Mature (may contain violence, sex, drug use, typically non-explicit or explicit for very short periods)
  • E for Explicit (may contain violence, sex, drug use, explicit throughout)

Ongoing Serials:

My serial fiction are novels or other extended narratives that are told in a chapter-by-chapter format, written and worked on over time. Upon completion, the serials are re-edited and republished as eBooks — old serials will remain available online, but in their original state of edit.

Powder and Feathers:

230K+. Rated M/E. MB. Dark Romance/Fantasy.

An Uncommon Betrothal

9K+. Rated E. MB. Erotic Romance.

Rescue Dogs

40k+. Rated E. MB. Cecil Hobbes finally gets Valorous King to try a new adventure: therapy.

The Boatswain’s Hook

20K. Rated T. Peter Pan sequel/Slowburn Romance.

Letters from Ganymede

24k+. Rated E. MB. Gothic Romance/Horror.

Prophet’s Cry

12k+. Rated E, MB. Romance/Character Study.

Gerald Poole and the Pirates

40k. Rated M. MB. Romance/Comedy.

Short Stories


  • Alexander and the Angel — 6.6k, rated M. MB. An information merchant struggles with the angel that’s Fallen into his lap. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Angel’s Wings4.6k, rated M. MB. A vampiric sex worker spends the evening with an unusual client. Feat. Beauregard Horvasse and Germain Wagner-Jeanneret. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • A Hike — 1.2k, rated T, MB. A young mage discusses his youth with his favourite stablemaster. Just a little Cicero Penllwynog and Coshel Fenwick bickering! On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • A King’s Man — Rated M. MB. 13k. The fae king of Crystal City takes his most recent assassin hostage, and works to change his loyalties. Dark fantasy, manipulation, and interrogative techniques — note content warnings for blood and violence, sexual assault and manipulation, and complex power dynamics and layered interactions. Featuring Valorous King, Capulet, and Ondeimon. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • A Night On The Mountain — rated M, 10k, MB. In 1954, Loki goes to a party on Mount Olympus with the angel Asmodeus and his brother, Jean-Pierre Delacroix. A bit of Loki/Asmodeus in places — some slice-of-life, some Greek god stuff, a lot of angst and emotions stuff. Some Dionysus and some Ares. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Ambitious Men — Rated M. MB. 11.6k. Archie had idolised Casper Hugo almost his entire life. Deeply fucked up fantasy-horror, wherein a man finds that his dream of taking over his hero’s restaurant is not to proceed as smoothly as he hoped. Adapted from a TweetFic. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • A Stranger’s Visit — 3.6k, rated T. MB. A priest of Freyr receives a strange visitation. A little bit of Norse godliness versus Norse priestliness. Featuring Esben. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • The Clearing 400w, rated T. Faeries. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • The Collection100w, rated T. MB. Velma Kuroda and Edmund Horvasse. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Comes in Threes4k, rated T. MB. Prince Arthur comes upon a boy in the woods. Featuring King Arthur and Myrddin Wyllt. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Daddy’s Boy — 23k, rated E. MB. In the magical smuggling town of Lashton, the youngest son of the Laithes, a prominent crime family, struggles to make himself heard and accepted by his family, especially his father. Featuring Dai Laithe, Oidhche Laithe, and the rest of the Laithe family, with some appearances from Gellert Osgodby and to a lesser extent, Lucien Pike. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Dancing On A Pin 2k, rated T. MB. A student of ballet sees an angel practising in the studio. Featuring Asbat Nur-Badr (Asmodeus) and Jean-Pierre Delacroix. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • The Dragon’s Treasure2.4k, rated T. DP. An ex-knight, getting on in years, makes a dangerous annual pilgrimage. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Duty & Love 1.2k, rated T. A would-be king seeks to take his throne. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Flora and the Pellar Batt — 4k, rated T. DP. A woman has a contentious relationship with her village’s pellar. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Freedom and Liberty — 2.1k, rated M. MB. Just some chatter and conversation between Cicero Penllwynog and Loki, with a little from Coshel Fenwick later on. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Gellert’s New Job 21k, rated M. MB. Gellert Osgodby has worked as a business manager for the King family for nearly a decade when an error in judgement brings his employment to an abrupt end. Lucien Pike, a rival kingpin, employs his services instead. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • The Hive15k, rated T. MB. Episode 2: Kuroda Antiques. Velma Kuroda, specialist in haunted and enchanted objects, comes to evaluate the unusual estate left behind by a witch and demonologist. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • King’s Service — 11k, Rated E, MB. Cecil Hobbes, a man disgraced, has a new stalker. At his age, it’s almost a compliment. Valorous King, recently discharged from his time serving as a king’s man at the pleasure of Myrddin Wyllt, has returned home to Lashton, and also to his relentless pursuit of his old PE teacher, Cecil Hobbes. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Lashton Sounds — 8.5k, rated M. MB. Gellert Osgodby is beginning to settle into his position as Lucien Pike’s secretary, but nothing in Lashton ever stays the same for long. Gellert Osgodby doing his thing, as is Lucien Pike — also with appearances from Oidhche and Dai Laithe, Cosmo and Damien Pike, Margaretta Renn and Bran Sorrel, and Courageous King. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • The Lord of the Wood’s Spring Bride — 10k, rated M. MB. A trans dressmaker is embroiled in the strange schemes of a local deity, and he lets himself be carried away with the tide. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • The Lost Boy in Llallwg — 4.7k, rated T. MB. In this one, an angel and his park warden boyfriend are slow and lazy in the summer evening heat, and the angel tells the warden a story. More with Gryff Gordon and Perseverance-before-God! On Medium / / On Patreon
  • Music and the Dead — 4.3k, rated T, MB. A magical musician goes into teaching, and makes an unusual connection. Just some light-hearted banter, romance, and fantasy, some music and necromancy. What more could a man want? On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • The Photographer 600w, rated T. He had seen much, in his time. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • The Pilot 9k, rated T. MB. Episode 1: Kuroda Antiques. A specialist in magical antiques, Velma Kuroda, is called out to help a grieving captain with the ghost of his partner. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Problem Eggs — 8.6k, rated E. After sex with his merman boyfriend goes wrong, a man has to go to the hospital with a belly full of eggs. A story at the Caer Afon Magical Hospital, with Aoife Harkin, at their GUM Clinic. After sex with his merman boyfriend goes wrong, Shore finds he can’t pass the eggs as usual; meanwhile, Aoife accustoms to her new hospital after transferring over. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Steps Ahead — Rated M. 13.7k. MB. A serving boy seduces a prince who is tired of the weight of his crown. M/M fantasy, with dark comedy throughout, and a rather fraught romance. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Stormy Seas300w, rated T. Only when it was stormy would she appear. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Strange Passage — 3k, rated M. MB. There is a stowaway on the vessel of Captain Tom Warren, and he determines to get to bottom of it. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Temple Stone — 3.5k, rated T. MB. In a temple of Zeus, a beautiful stranger tells a story of Hades and Persephone. With an appearance from Ganymede Cavendish. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • The Traveling Bard 1k, rated T. It was always just him and his guitar. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Youth Inquisitive6k, Rated T. DP. Vizma Riorda, a priest devoted to Oghma, a god of knowledge and truth, meets a young thief who does not lie. Featuring Buran Highfield. On Medium / / On Patreon.


  • A Bite’s Pleasure — 600w, MB. Bound in vines and roots, a young man experiences the talented mouth of a vampire .Cis M/M. Verdance Pike goes down on a mostly willing victim. Blowjobs, magic, bondage, and vampire bites — warning for the implication of mildly dubious consent. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Archival Management — 10k, M/M, MB. An archivist with a messy life finds himself intensively managed by his sexy, older boss. Magical archivists in Camelot with the most mundane of delicious emotional and sexual issues. Featuring age difference, orgasm denial, oral, desperation, crying, a bit of mild humour and nastiness, delicious emotional manipulation, and a heavy dose of mind-reading. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • After Class — 2.6k. MB. Explicit M/NB short between two alchemy students at the Royal University in Camelot — one is a cis guy, the other is nonbinary and uses they/them pronouns! Contains spanking, breast worship, casual sex, semi-public sex, anal. A little worldbuilding too! On Medium / / On Patreon
  • Asking Nicely — Trans M/M, 2.1k, MB. A trans man taking his partner’s strap learns precisely how strong he is. Featuring a massive tentacle strap-on, vaginal sex, size difference, teasing, overstimulation, Daddy kink, begging, crying, STRENGTH kink, even a little bit of belly-riding. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Au Naturale — 7k. MB. A student at Camelot University gets involved with a stablemaster. Explicit M/M short between two cis men. 7k. Featuring size kink, size different, large cocks, overstimulation, stomach bulging, mind break/aheago, dirty talk, D/s, age difference, rough sex, being pinned down, and dirty talk about piss play but no actual piss play. Featuring Coshel Fenwick and Cicero Penllwynog. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Beauty’s Growth — 1.8k, MB. A man’s first time with his new girlfriend — a dryad. Cis M/F. Oral, playful casual sex, laughter and teasing, and a bit of a mess after. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Best Behaviour — 1.7k. MB. Fabien has been waiting to be touched all day. Explicit M/M short between a cis ship captain and his trans boyfriend. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Biting — 700w. MB. A vampire bites his secretary. More from Lucien Pike and Gellert Osgodby in this one! On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Breed — 337w, cis M/M, MB. Breeding kink and banter. Dirty talk and jokes about breeding during anal. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Butler vs Footman — 3k. MB. Don prompts some rivalry between two of the house’s servants. Explicit M/M/M short between three cis men. Featuring Don Howard, Sam Harrison, and Victor Mead. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Buttons and Ribbons — 700w. MB. Nicholas tries to concentrate on something other than the butler’s hands. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Caught — Cis M/trans M/cis M, 3.2k. MB. A thief is caught in the treasury and his punishment is delivered by the guards on duty. Unadulterated porn without plot — dubious consent, anal, vaginal, and oral sex, spitroasting, size difference, rough sex, fingering, messy sex with a bit of squirting and also messy oral, double penetration (vaginal/oral and vaginal/anal), crying, mindbreak, pussy spanking, spanking, some nipple play. Unsafe sex, no prophylactics or contraceptives are used or mentioned. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Change of Angles — 1.4k. MB. The strap-on might be a little too big. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Collared — 500w. MB. Two men play with collaring. M/M erotic short. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Confession and Penance — 11k, rated E, MB. A priest takes a hands-on approach to addressing a worshiper’s poor working habits.Tiernan, a manipulative workaholic who only ever relaxes during Mass services, is taken aside by Father Mullen when it all gets to be a bit too much. D/s, BDSM-approach to enforcing self-care, spanking, painplay, bit of a priest kink but it doesn’t go into that aspect too much, faith. Also some anal. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Cottage Holiday — 1.2k. MB. Don’s footman has him against the wall before the butler puts him to bed. Wall sex, strength and size kink, overstim, subspace, D/s, a little roughness and sweetness together! More of Don Howard, Sam Harrison, and Victor Mead. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Curiosity and Indulgence — 1.2k. MB. trans M/cis M, more from Tom Warren and Samuel Coates! Coates is curious about another kind of beating, and Tom is happy to oblige — flogging, some D/s and sadomasochism feels, and some playful dynamics between them! On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Cut and Well — 800w. MB. Pike rescues his secretary from an interrogation, but doesn’t release him from his bonds right away. Lucien Pike and Gellert Osgodby being their usual fucked up selves: knifeplay, blood and blood-drinking, some sadomasochism, and the usual undernegotiated kink with these two. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Daddy — cis M/trans M, 1.5k, MB. Two men discuss the new intern at work. Age difference, daddy kink, handjobs, teasing, begging, mentions of a threesome. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Degrees of Separation — 1.3k, cis M/M. A violinist has a quick tryst with his father’s boyfriend in a coat closet. Anal sex with protection, big size difference and significant size kink, infidelity, pseudo incest with dirty talk from the dad’s boyfriend about the dad’s preferences in bed, to the son. Use of the word daddy throughout. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Disciplinary Action — 2.4k. MB. Russ stays late after work. Explicit M/M erotica between an older cis man and a younger trans man. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Divine Bodies — 9k. MB. The god Freyr expects good work from his priests, but gives good rewards. Magical HRT for a loyal trans masc priest! Featuring Esben. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Domestic Bliss — 3k. MB. Explicit M/M erotic short between a cis man and his trans husband. Featuring housewife play, D/s, service kink, mild food kink, lingerie, plugs, cockwarming. On Medium / / On Patreon
  • Earning It — 1k, rated E. MB. Harrison is teasing Don, and Don can’t take it even before Mead joins in. Don Howard, Victor Mead, and Sam Harrison — orgasm denial, D/s, teasing, a little bit of crying, frustration, begging, but all in good fun! On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Exchanging Control — 800W, MB. Cicero Penllwynog tries something new with Coshel Fenwick — biting him. Teasing, biting, D/s dynamics, both of them jabbing at one another. Small warning for a reference to racism/colourism . On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Festival Prize — 1.2k, trans man getting double-knotted by two huge-dicked cis wolfmen! MB. A young man is knotted by two wolfmen at a night-time festival. Public sex, double-knotting vaginally and anally, come inflation, overstimulation. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Financial Security — 3.8k, MB. A trans man tending bar is asked to go up and wait personally on a local mob boss. M/M between a cis man and a trans man, rated E. Fingering, size difference, vaginal play and a bit of anal play, kissing, cigar kink, huge power imbalance, age difference. Big dubious consent in this situation — the trans guy is always into it, but it’s a very dangerous situation with a lot of financial coercion and implied violence, lots of banter, very insecure positions, with implied stalking. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Fit for Purpose — 4.2k. MB. Supervillains and superheroes, but with stretchy bodies and massive cocks, between a huge cis male alien superhero and a trans man supervillain with whole-body elasticity. 4.2k. Silly and light in humour, but extreme on the porn! Featuring pheromones (mildly dubious consent for this, but both parties use pheromones to get their way, and are enthusiastically into it), come inflation, huge size difference, unrealistic sex, alien dicks, prodigious amounts of come, dom/sub, mild corporal punishment, undernegotiated kink, rough sex, objectification, dirty talk. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Fresh Clutch — 700w. MB. Cis M/M. A merman treats a partner to his clutch of eggs. Featuring oviposition, aphrodisiac slick, banter, stomach bulging! On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Get There — 900w. MB. Explicit NBLNB short. Contains lingerie, corsets, public sex, mirrors, handjobs, D/s, discussions of subspace. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Getting Old — 1k, cis M/M, MB. Two old men sleepy on a pirate ship. Sleepy sex, intercrural, teasing, a bit of banter, mostly just two old men being tired and achy together! On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Grind — 300w, trans M/cis M, MB. A trans man grinds against his boyfriend’s hand. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • God’s Word — Cis M/M, 3.1k. MB. An English teacher in a boarding school destresses with the head of maintenance. Barebacking, creampie, anal, rough sex, size kink, age difference, spanking, voyeurism. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • A Good Show — 600w, MB. More of Captain Tom Warren and Samuel Coates with a third — some voyeurism, overstimulation, a few tears, D/s, and a little double penetration! On Medium // On Patreon.
  • Hard Frost — 2.8k, rated E. MB. Julius Penllwynog, who’s trying to figure himself out as a fighter, falls afoul of his commander and earns a punishment. Mildly dubious consent, age difference, spanking, humiliation, workplace dynamic, and D/s power exchange work! On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Harvest’s Reward — Rated E, 1k. MB. More Freyr and Esben. M/M between a huge-cocked god of fertility and his trans masc priest! Featuring size difference, belly bulging, stuffing, food kink, hand-feeding, teasing, threats, and D/s! On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Haughty Paris —Cis M/M, 800w. A sailor picks out the coolest and most beautiful of the tavern’s boys, like he always does. D/s, humiliation kink, face slapping, sex work. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Heat Wave — 700w. MB. A secretary struggling to deal with the heat uses his boss to cool down. Explicit M/M short between a cis vampire and his trans secretary. Featuring Lucien Pike and Gellert Osgodby. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • House Call — 1.7k, cis M/M, MB. A guy calls in for sex at the office of the local country doctor. Anal, safe sex, laughing and teasing, kissing, oral, age difference, size difference. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • The Interview — 4k, cis M/trans M, MB. A workplace roleplay with age difference and some hearty degradation. Younger boss/older prospective employee, pre-negotiated roleplay, degradation and humiliation, daddy kink, nipple play, PIV, riding, sex in the office, casual sex, bareback. The older man is fat, but none of the degrading language is about his body or his size except for commenting on the size of his chest — the degradation primarily is about his age and assumed loneliness. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Knotted — 300w, cis M/M, MB. It’s the full moon, and they’re trying something new. Transformed werewolf sex! Knotting, big size difference, slight belly bulge, anal, come inflation. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Knotting — 1.4k. MB. A werewolf ties with his lover. Explicit M/NB short between a cis werewolf and a nonbinary person who uses they/them pronouns. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Layover — 1.1k, rated E, MB. A flight steward meets up with a pilot for a quick rendezvous. Casual safe sex, gentle sex, lots of laughter and teasing, and some biting and kissing. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Little Vows — cis M/M, 3k, MB. An exhausted father of two meets an old uni friend for sex. Neil drops his girls off for their piano lessons and goes across the road for his regular appointment — getting himself fucking railed. Infidelity, anal, dirty talk, DILF4DILF and bear appreciation, doggy, overstim, mentions of barebacking and creampies. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Locker Room Talk — 2.8k. MB. Gaz picks on the wrong guy in the showers at the gym. Explicit M/M short between a cis man and a trans man. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Loki’s Favour — 2.4k. MB. Magical weirdness and oddity here, with cockwarming, banter, and an edge of divine danger. A bit more of Loki! On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Lunch Break — 600w, cis M/M. Two coworkers run for a quickie on their lunch break — car sex, safe sex, silly teasing sex. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Managing Stress — 1.2k. MB. A gentleman is prompted to relax by his butler. Explicit M/M short between a gentleman and his butler, both of them cis. Featuring Don Howard and Victor Mead. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • The Man on the Hill — Trans M/amorphous man made of shadows. 900w, rated E. Vaginal and anal sex, oral, spitroasting, overstimulation, sex outdoors. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Meetings — 500w, cis M/trans M. More Arne Seven and Danny. Seven uses Danny as a cockwarmer. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Milk Production — 3.3k, cis M/trans M, MB. A country doctor finds his footman in an unexpected condition. Featuring older!trans/intersex doctor/younger!cis footman; the footman is lactating and the doctor is really into it. Featuring lactation, milking, some mild sadism and humiliation, lots of praise, PIV sex, eagerness, D/s dynamics, age difference. There’s reference and implication throughout to feeding and weight gain as the younger man is skinny, but no feeding within the course of the fic.With Doctor Nathaniel Mills and Tristan Sunderland. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Morning Eggs — 1k. MB. Silly domestic oviposition between an angel and a merman. Featuring Bird. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Neighbour’s Charm — 3.7k, MB. A man invites his neighbour around one morning and loses it. Big fat sexy neighbour, MC is a bit of a gymshark — rimming, some biting and bruising, age difference, lots of teasing and a bit of humour, coming too quickly, casual sex. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Nesting Choices — 3.8k, rated E, MB. A man comes home to his husband, and the difficulty of choice is taken off his hands. Lots of warm, soft, loving BDSM in this one — D/s dynamics, some orgasm denial, bathing, teasing, prostate stimulation, a tiny bit of dirty talk. With Guan Zhenzhi and Lucius MacLeod. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • On Call — Snippet, MB. A student doctor with one of the surgeons in the on call dorm, featuring Jean-Pierre Delacroix. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Ownership — 460w, MB. With Aimé Deverell and Jean-Pierre Delacroix. Aimé already knew who he belonged to. Possessive behaviour, biting, public sex, and teasing. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Patience — 373 words, MB. Lingerie with Jude Jupp and Richard Chastain. On Medium // On Patreon.
  • Perfection — 900w, MB. A butler laces up a gentleman’s corset. More of Donald Howard and Victor Mead — corsetry, breathplay, gentle domming, praise kink, bondage, size kink, sweetness and tenderness. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Piercings — 350w, MB, with Adam Hayden and Curt Sangster. Cis M/trans M. A man plays with his trans boyfriend’s nipple piercings. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Pinned Down — 800w. MB. A merman treats his angel boyfriend to his tentacles, but he has to earn them first. Erotic M/M short between a merman with tentacles and a trans male angel. Featuring Bird. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • The Prince’s Pleasure — 6.7k. DP. The prince’s personal guard helps him forget about the stresses of the day. Explicit M/M short between a cis male werewolf with a penis and (huge) knot, and a trans man with a vulva. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Prostate Milking — 1.7k. MB. A footman plays a joke on the house butler. Erotic M/M+M short between three cis men. Featuring Don Howard, Sam Harrison, and Victor Mead. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Push-Pull — 800w, cis M/trans M/trans M. A man happily pinned between two others. Mild D/s, threesome, oral and PIV sex, implied overstim, teasing. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Remnants of a Bygone Era— 7.5k, cis M/M. After his roommate brings him to his bondage tutorial, Ignatius pursues a very grumpy little nurse.Rope bondage tutorials and sexy lectures about safe sex, age difference, power dynamics, size difference, leather, role reversals and dynamic play, anal sex, hairy bodies, dirty talk, mild humiliation, teasing, nipple piercings, tattoos. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Return to the Daily Grind — 3.3k. MB. A client hires a temporary assistant with specialist skills. Explicit M/M short between a cis male werewolf and a trans male angel. Featuring Bird. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Ride — 250w, trans M/cis M. More of Arne Seven and Danny. A trans man rides his partner’s thigh. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Rocking — 700w, cis M/trans M. Birthday sex. Slow, drawn-out sex, teasing, PIV, lots of decadence and indulgence here. Samuel Coates and Tom Warren, again! On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Sensory Deprivation — 3.2k. MB. Gerald Poole has a sprained wrist, and not being able to work, the boredom is getting to him. His lovers — Jack Wicks and Captain Orion Cedric Thwaites, respectively — go to some efforts to keep him occupied. Erotic short centred on one cis man. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Shore Leave — 600w. MB. A captain goes down on his sailor. Explicit M/M short between a cis naval captain and a trans sailor. Featuring Tom Warren and Samuel Coates. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Simple Error — 2.7k. MB. Two students of magic enjoy the results of a potions mix-up. Explicit M/M short with two cis witches, with one spontaneously growing lactating breasts. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Sleeping Beauty — A sailor takes something that doesn’t belong to him, and the captain punishes him. Cis M/trans M and cis M/M. A carpenter’s apprentice can’t resist the captain’s cabin boy while he’s meant to be performing maintenance, and afterwards, the captain and the cabin boy punish him between them — if the apprentice wants another chance at sex with the cabin boy, he has to let the captain bugger him first. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Soaked — 600w. MB. A butler and his gentleman seek respite from a demanding morning. More Don Howard and Victor Mead! Featuring intercrural sex and a little D/s and marking . On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Soft as Silk — Cis M/M. 1.2k. MB. After a long day at work, a man sinks into the comforts of home. Silk textures, pyjama kink, sleepy sex, age difference, size difference, chest/tit worship, biting, coming too fast, teasing. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Spanking — 3k. MB. A ship captain spanking his sailor. Short M/M story between a cis ship captain in the age of sail and a trans sailor. Featuring Tom Warren and Samuel Coates. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Spilled Wine — 2k. MB. More Cicero Penllwynog with a priest of Dionysus — some post-ritual magical sex! Explicit M/M erotica between two cis men. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Star-Crossed Boys — 1.8k. MB. Dai Laithe is approached by another Lashton youth — Valorous King. Erotic short, M/M with two cis men, rated E, 1.8k. Masturbation for an uncaring audience, implied heavy drug use, PTSD, and two emotionally stunted boys. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Study Session — 1.6k, cis M/M. MB. A student fucks his professor against the gym wall. Prof/student, older bottom/younger top, age difference, size difference, wall sex, semi-public sex, biting, dirty talk, teasing, threatens of spanking, D/s implications. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Stuffed — 1.1k, cis M/M. A man is handfed almost to bursting by his husband. Stuffing, handfeeding, D/s, begging, overstimulation, mild sadomasochism (stomach cramps etc), teasing. With Guan Zhenzhi and Lucius MacLeod. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Sublime Heat — Cis M/trans M, 650w. More of Samuel Coates and Tom Warren. Samuel Coates experiences the kisses of a candle. Wax play and rope bondage, relationship between a captain and a sailor. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Suspended Pleasures — 1k. MB. Rope bondage and potion play in the apothecary’s office. M/M short between a cis apothecary and a trans partner. Age difference, suspension bondage, overstimulation, crying, come inflation, and fear of getting caught, as well as mentions of exhibitionism. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Tentacles — Cis M/tentacles. 450w. Tentacles in a hot spring! On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Touch-Starved — Cis M/M, 15k. When a man finds out about his disabled coworker’s active sex life, he’s very jealous, and maybe… something else, too. Arden Rice has been friends with Sebastian April for years, and it’s never occurred to him before now that April might have an active sex life — let alone a sex life he want to involve himself in. Contains massage, touch starvation, anal sex, size difference, D/s throughout, praise + affection kink, kink for following orders, frotting with intergluteal, somnophilia, mating press, rough sex, power dynamics. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Super — Cis M/M, breeding kink and dirty talk with anal. 500w. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Sweet Torture — 1.3k. MB. Curt has a surprise for his boyfriend when he comes home from sea. Explicit M/M short between a cis male lecturer in medicine and his trans boyfriend, set loosely in the late 1800s. With Curt Sangster and Adam Hayden. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Treasured Chest — 1k. MB. Milo and Clay try something new. Explicit M/M erotic short between a cis man and a trans man. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Two Artists — 3k, rated E, MB. A watercolour artist who lives in a country village is faced with the young man who tried and failed at seducing him a decade back. Age difference, anal, orgasm denial, D/s, some pinning and manhandling, a lot of dirty talk, some begging. References made throughout to past fantasies as a teenager. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Unlikely Matches — 5k, rated E, MB. A superlatively large secretary mounts a seduction of his tiny little boss. A gigantic secretary working at an all-trans tax accountant office! Lots of humour and banter, lots of flirting, big size difference, oral sex, beard pulling, fingering, shirt stays, desk sex, and all that good stuff. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Wake-Up Call — 1.2k,MB. Aimé wakes up earlier than Jean-Pierre for once, and decides to take advantage. Cis M/trans M, previously negotiated consensual somnophilia, oral sex, teasing, sleepy sex. Featuring Aimé Deverell and Jean-Pierre Delacroix. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Wants and Cravings — 4k, rated E, MB. A young man lusts after an unattainable gentleman until the gentleman’s valet steps in. Introducing Vincent Lucas Samuels, Ulysses Valentine, and Kit Sanders, with a new appearance from the illustrious Lawrence Kidd. Lots of teasing and flirtation, rough sex, bruising, hair-pulling, size difference, and some nasty men who like to take advantage. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Warm Welcome Home — 2k, rated E, MB. Jude comes home to his boyfriend, and is welcomed back with open legs. More Jude Jupp and Richard Chastain — featuring anal, dirty talk, teasing, kissing, and some mild D/s and fantasy around the housewife power dynamic. On Medium // On Patreon.
  • Well-Used Toy — 2.1k. MB. Mr Pike needs to learn to treat his playthings a little more nicely. Explicit M/M cockwarming short between a cis male vampire (a crime boss) and a trans male human (a sex worker), with another trans man (boss’ secretary) giving aftercare. Featuring Lucien Pike and Gellert Osgodby. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Wings (and Tails) — 1.1k. MB. An angelic sex worker and double penetration. Explicit M/M between a trans angel and a cis “demon”. Featuring Bird. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Work Break — 1k, MB. One of the university gardeners gets a visit from a professor on his break. Anal, barebacking, rough sex, objectification and mild degradation, hole spanking. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Work Hours — 1.3k, cis M/M. A man enforces the boundaries of his boyfriend’s work-life separation. Public blowjobs out of doors, mild D/s, teasing and banter. Light-hearted and breezy. On Medium / / On Patreon.


  • Agreements and Curses — 20k, rated M, MB. A young man is dispatched to a fae land and joins the princes’ retinue. As part of an exchange program between the magical city from which he hails and the fae island state of Einsamal, a young man is sent as a child to explore fable and adventure, and in the process falls in love with one of the princes. The prince, a child of Loki, faces his own trials. With Princes Loptr and Fenris, Boniface Nottingham, and Loki. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • The Apothecary and the Carpenter’s Son — 5k, rated T. DP. Originally a Tweetfic. A young carpenter becomes enchanted by the village apothecary. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • The Blacksmith and the Florist — 2.3k, Rated T. MB. A chronically fatigued enchanter becomes fascinated with one of the neighbours. On Medium // On Patreon.
  • Books To Return — 4k, rated K+. MB. The head librarian has a new admirer. Fluff and sweetness. Short trans 4 trans romance. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Dirk and the Weaver — 12k, rated M, MB. A shopkeeper slowly comes to fall for a weaver when he comes to town. Slow romance and fantasy short between a shopkeeper in an isolated Scottish village, and a weaver that comes up from somewhere way down south. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • The Enchanter and the Postman — 4k, rated M, MB. An enchanter who usually likes his isolation gets a new postman. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Flowers and Music — 3.5k, rated T, MB. A man becomes besotted with his neighbour, a violinist. Some sweetness and gentle teasing between two neighbours in the same building! Adapted from a TweetFic. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • For Want of Time — 6k, rated T. MB. A delivery man is quite infatuated with the clerk at a magical toy shop. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Fresh Country Air — 2.8k, rated M, MB. An orchard labourer gives a naturalist’s education to a visitor from the city. Kissing and sweetness, some hand and blowjobs, teasing, shyness, affection. Adapted from a TweetFic. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • The Grand Prize — 2.7k, rated T. DP. A long-time thief steals his most ambitious trophy yet. On Medium / / On Patreon / / On YouTube.
  • The Ice Skater — 5k, rated M, MB. A man falls devastatingly in love with the strange figure who dances on the ice. A man working at a cocoa stand becomes besotted with the man who always skates on the outdoor ice rink at Christmastime. Another appearance from Verdance Pike, adapted from a TweetFic. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • More Than Coffee — 13k, rated E. MB. Del’s place of work is a front for an underground surgery. One of their new patrons doesn’t care: he just wants his coffee. Romance, erotica, humour, and a little bit of crime. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • The Pirate Accountant — 4.5k, rated M, MB. A quartermaster works up the nerve to finally mount a seduction on their accountant. Dark humour and biting banter throughout, between an exceedingly cautious and paranoid accountant and the quartermaster who’s finally worked up the courage to ask him out. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • The Poet and Provocateur — 4.5k, rated M. MB. A bodyguard is assigned to look after a very provocative poet. Bickering bastards going between American settler towns at the turn of the century. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Saint Jude’s Kitchen — 20k, Rated M, MB. After an injury stops him working, a failing deckhand gets a new lease on life. Themes around cooking and nurturing, identity and sense of self, and complex family dynamics. Adapted from a TweetFic. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Superior Service — 2.7k, rated M, M/M. An overworked business consultant struggles with his new assistant. Silly short with a nasty little businessman being thawed out by a nasty but efficient new secretary. Mild humour and seduction. Adapted from a TweetFic. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Sweet On — 7k, rated M, M/M. A chocolatier falls head over heels for one of his most austere customers. A very exuberant chocolatier crushes on desperately on the deadpan professor who begins coming into his shop for coffee. Autism for autism and lots of flirting and teasing. Introducing Benny Wu and Haoran Soon. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Temple Service — Rated M, 2.2k, M/M. A servant at the temple to Hephaestus lusts after an olive-tender. Some ancient Greeks! A temple servant and a grove-worker, lots of teasing and banter and flirting. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Tailored — 585, rated M, M/M. A man tailors a suit for his boyfriend. Some size kink, some banter, teasing. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Walking Home — 300w. Fluff. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Warden Gordon and the Angel in the Woods — 7.6k. MB. Working in a magical national park, Gryff Gordon has a contentious relationship with a local angel. Featuring Perseverance-Before-God. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Whisper to the Bees — 4.3k, rated T, MB. A journalist goes out to do a small piece on everyday farmlife, and ends up meeting an old acquaintance from school. Just a light-hearted little window into two men’s lives, introducing Melodious King and Calumellus Renn. On Medium / / On Patreon.

Comedy / Slice-of-Life / Miscellany

  • A Prologue — 1.6k, rated T. MB. Ephraim Margolis, an obstetrician at the Caer Afon Magical Hospital, stops to speak with their nurse lead — Colleen Pike, the daughter of the infamous Lucien Pike. They talk about things that are, and things to come. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Bad Service — 3k, rated T. MB. Lawrence’s valet is far too good at his job. It’s driving him mad. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Belle Flees Her Bounty — 4k, rated M. MB. Belle had been riding since dawn. A woman on the run and a bounty hunter in the West of North America in the 1800s. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Doctor’s Hands — 1.5k, rated M. MB. Some short slice-of-life and quiet affection. 1.5k, with more of Curt Sangster and Adam Hayden .On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Five Star Service — 2.2k, rated M. MB. Another session with Beau Horvasse and Germain Wagner-Jeanneret. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Making Port — 700w, rated T. MB. A little slice-of-life short with Orion Cedric Thwaites and Paul Cotton. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Perfect Model — 1.7k, rated M, MB. Just some slice-of-life and bickering between a painter and his model — some teasing and flirtation and some one-sided yearning and unrequited lust on the model’s part, with some feline mischief and some Yiddish too. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Pushing Buttons — 3k. Rated M. MB. Lucien Pike demands his secretary’s time and attention. Some character introspection and slice-of-life with Lucien Pike and Gellert Osgodby. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Repair — Character short, 350w. Lawrence Kidd watches Alexos Fox at work. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Small Talk — 1.5k, rated M. MB. Germain Wagner-Jeanneret and Beau Horvasse make small talk. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Wash — 600w. Lucien Pike/Gellert Osgodby. Just a short vignette with some intimacy between the two of them. On Medium / / On Patreon.


  • The Clockmaker — 200w. Steampunk horror. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • The Coffin at Sea — 400w. A vessel picks up a coffin afloat at sea. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • The Door — 600w. They forgot about the door, somehow. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • I Forgot My Manners — 2.7k. /r/NoSleep: I forgot my manners, and I’m terrified of the consequences. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Letters to the Dead — 17k. Tales from a gravedigger haunted by a ghost. Written in the style of a diarised blog post. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • The Lighthouse — 700w. Ghost story. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • The Shepherd — 1.3k. Abstract Horror. Red sky at night, shepherd’s delight. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • The Widower’s Garden — 12.5k, Rated M, MB. After a man is widowed, his husband begins to appear at the foot of his garden every night. Content warnings for horror, violence, trauma, infidelity, nasty guys being nasty. On Medium / / On Patreon.




Little Man Generator

This is just a silly little random generator made in Sheets to use as writing prompts — generates a little man’s occupation, something he’s passionate about, and a problem he has. On Sheets.

Sex and Relationships:

  • Ringing The Devil’s Doorbell: A Light-Hearted, Practical Guide — Let’s talk sex! Vulvar and vaginal stimulation for fun, pleasure, and profit. On Medium.

Writing Guides:

  • 9 rules for writing successful Tweetfic — A short guide to publishing stories directly onto Twitter. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Publishing F.A.Q. —3k. Just a little master post of frequently ask questions about how I publish and write. On Medium.
  • Writing Dialogue: A Technical Primer — 2k. A technical primer denoting some rules and conventions. On Medium.
  • Who said that? Dialogue Guide — 8.5k. Crafting unique, distinctive voices for each and every character. On Medium.

Miscellaneous Non-Fiction:

  • A Beginner’s Approach to Natural History — 5k. A guide to approaching local natural history — especially learning about insects and birds — as a novice. On Medium.
  • A Man’s Choices Are Always A Woman’s Fault — 3.8k. Marty Robbins’ Devil Woman: an exercise in shifting blame. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • I’m just in the mood for a movie with gay (or bi) dudes! — A rec list that mentions 50 movies, all of them with MLM. On Medium.
  • I Want To Fuck The Monster — 2.3k. Monsterfuckery from a trans and disabled perspective. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • It’s Your Responsibility to Kill Yourself and other interesting viewpoints in The Haunting of Bly Manor. 3.6k. Review. On Medium.
  • Transgender Diaries: Testosterone Day #1– 4.5k. Blog detailing first day T experiences. On Medium.
  • Transgender Diaries: Testosterone Day #28– 4.3k. Blog detailing first day T experiences. On Medium.
  • Why I Give Away My Work Away For Free — 2.4k. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Why is Aziraphale so gay? — 7k. Analysis of Aziraphale’s characterisation in Good Omens by Terry Pratchett & Neil Gaiman . On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Why We Need To Write Essays — And more importantly, why they should be fun. 1.2k. On Medium / / On Patreon.

Our Flag Means Death — Essays and Episode Analyses

Return To Terok Nor — Essays and Episode Analyses concerning Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

  • Return To Terok Nor: Emissary Parts 1 & 2 — 7k. Liveblog & analysis of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine S1:E1–E2. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Return to Terok Nor: A Man Alone —3.7k. Liveblog & analysis of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine S1:E3. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Return to Terok Nor: Past Prologue — 3k. Liveblog & analysis of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine S1:E4. On Medium / / On Patreon.

Interviews & Podcasts

  • Dirty talk: a deep dive into smut and the art of fantasy by Kish Lal — An article by Kish Lal for DripFeed, where she interviewed several people about dirty talk, including myself, looking at different fantasies, the psychology of dirty talk, and different ways to approach it. Read on DripFeed
  • Queer Monster Hour with Johannes T. Evans for the Eldritch Girl Podcast — I did an interview with C.M. Rosens, talking about Magic Beholden and themes of dark romance and the complex power dynamics in intimate relationships, especially in Powder and Feathers. Download the Episode / / Read the Transcript



Gay trans man writing fantasy fiction, romance, and erotica. Big on LGBTQ and disability themes, plus occasional essays and analysis. He/him.

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Johannes T. Evans

Gay trans man writing fantasy fiction, romance, and erotica. Big on LGBTQ and disability themes, plus occasional essays and analysis. He/him.