Directory of Work

List of all my current works, both fiction and non-fiction.

Johannes T. Evans
59 min readJun 3, 2021
Photo credit to the author, from Crete 2018.

This directory is separated into Fiction, Poetry, and Non-Fiction sections. Fiction is divided into the sub-categories of Fantasy, Erotica, Romance, Comedy/Slice-of-Life, Horror, and Miscellany. Non-Fiction is divided into sub-categories of Writing Guides and Essays.

Please remember that for searching categories, story ratings, characters, or specific titles, you can use CTRL+F/Command+F in order to search the page.

The covers for Heart of Stone, my slow-burn romance novel between an ADHD vampire and his autistic secretary, and Gerald Poole and the Pirates, my M/M/M light comedy novella.

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Do you like to enjoy your fiction on an audio basis? I have a podcast where I read my fiction aloud!

The Story is a simple, no-frills podcast: each episode is a short story from my catalogue of short fiction read aloud. The short stories you hear were written by the narrator, Johannes T. Evans, unless stated otherwise.

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TweetFic can be found in a master thread here.

Fiction is formatted with Title, Word Count, Rating, and World if applicable. All of my works are intended to be read by adults and a teen rating, for example, doesn’t mean the work is for teens — it just refers to the themes/tone/content.

Ratings are:

  • G for General Audiences
  • T for Teen (may contain mild non-explicit violence, sexual jokes or implications but no scenes)
  • M for Mature (may contain violence, sex, drug use, typically non-explicit or explicit for very short periods)
  • E for Explicit (may contain violence, sex, drug use, explicit throughout)

Worlds are MB for Magic Beholden (my Earth, where mundane and magical realities exist side-by-side) and DP for Dragonplanet (a more high fantasy world with dragons, elves, orcs, etc.)

Searchable characters are: Lucien Pike, Gellert Osgodby, Nathaniel Mills, Tristan Sunderland, Arne Seven, Guan Zhenzhi, Lucius MacLeod, Esben, Jean-Pierre Delacroix, Asmodeus, Germain Wagner-Jeanneret, Valorous King, Cecil Hobbes, Melodious King, Calumellus Renn, Jude Jupp, Richard Chastain, Bird, Beau Horvasse, Edmund Horvasse, Curt Sangster, Adam Hayden, Velma Kuroda, Tom Warren, Samuel Coates, Donald Howard, Sam Harrison, Victor Mead, King Arthur, Myrddin Wyllt, Orion Cedric Thwaites, Paul Cotton, Gerald Poole, Jack Wicks, Coshel Fenwick, and Cicero Penllwynog.

I put together a list a little while back of tropes and character archetypes I frequently use and that reoccur in my work! If the directory is too intimidating or you want to start somewhere smaller and specific, try having a glance through here:

Ongoing Serials:

My serial fiction are novels or other extended narratives that are told in a chapter-by-chapter format, written and worked on over time. Upon completion, the serials are re-edited and republished as eBooks — old serials will remain available online, but in their original state of edit.

Current serials are:

Powder and Feathers:

230K+. Rated M/E. MB. Dark Romance/Fantasy.

It seems to Aimé Deverell that there is very little point to life, except for what pleasures can be enjoyed before the grave. Life is short — thank God — but at least there’s enough in the world to dull the senses in the meantime.

That philosophy shatters like glass when he meets Jean-Pierre, an angel.

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An Uncommon Betrothal

9K+. Rated E. MB. Erotic Romance.

Alexos Fox is of course quite sad when the long-time butler of his household, the man who all but raised him, retires. He is not at all prepared for the old man’s replacement: his exceedingly attractive and painfully tempting nephew, Harry Sutton.

Alexos, overcome with feelings that are simply too much to repress, tries his best to avoid him, but it seems that Mr Sutton has more than his employment on his mind as he attends his new employer with keen and concentrated focus.

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Rescue Dogs

40k+. Rated E. MB. Cecil Hobbes finally gets Valorous King to try a new adventure: therapy.

Cecil Hobbes, an ex-PE teacher disgraced and looked down on in his hometown, has a new partner: Sir Valorous King, a knight of the realm, once a child of prophecy, and Cecil’s stalker.

A few months into their relationship, Cecil finally convinces Valorous to see a therapist, on the condition that Cecil attend one himself.

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The Boatswain’s Hook

20K. Rated T. Peter Pan sequel/Slowburn Romance.

In bringing new Lost Boys back to Neverland, Peter Pan brings something else, too, and Spanish Flu wreaks a deathly effect on Hook’s crew.

In the aftermath, the Jolly Roger comes for the last time to England, and Hook faces the most frightening adventure of his life: retirement.

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Letters from Ganymede

24k+. Rated E. MB. Gothic Romance/Horror.

Ganymede Cavendish, a recent graduate from the Royal Academy of Arts, catches the eye of an anonymous benefactor.

Mr Smith will offer Mr Cavendish food and board, all the artistic supplies he might require, and space with which to work: they shall never meet, and Mr Cavendish will never know Mr Smith’s true name. The only recompense he desires is that Mr Cavendish create beautiful art, and that he write his sponsor a letter each week, keeping his benefactor apprised of his progress.

Having always been lonely, but now feeling alone, Ganymede begins a slow descent into madness.

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Prophet’s Cry

12k+. Rated E, MB. Romance/Character Study.

Cis M/cis M/cis M. Middle-aged bastard men having crises over each other. Prophet Shulman, Administrative Secretary at the Middlesbrough branch of Friar Holdings, has been on the verge of divorce for the past twenty years, almost ever since he got fucking married.

Fucking his boss might make him as bad as his husband, but what the fuck’s the point in trying to be good anymore?

Meanwhile, Vance Vixen, recently emerged from his own divorce and also the closet, when not fucking his Admin Secretary in the stationery cupboard, begins a delicate romance with a bartender named Gideon Shulman.

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Gerald Poole and the Pirates

40k. Rated M. MB. Romance/Comedy.

A distinctly queer adventure full of internal conflict ensues when a gentleman and a sailor are captured by pirates.

A little bit of adventure, romance, and queerness in the 18th century Mediterranean!

An adaptation of my TweetFic, Gerald Poole & the Pirates.

Read on Medium: Part I / / Part II / / Part III / / Part IV

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Short Stories


  • Alexander and the Angel — 6.6k, rated M. MB. An information merchant struggles with the angel that’s Fallen into his lap.Adapted from a TweetFic. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Angel’s Wings4.6k, rated M. MB. A vampiric sex worker spends the evening with an unusual client. Feat. Beauregard Horvasse and Germain Wagner-Jeanneret. Adapted from a TweetFic. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • A Hike — 1.2k, rated T, MB. A young mage discusses his youth with his favourite stablemaster. Just a little Cicero Penllwynog and Coshel Fenwick bickering!Adapted from a TweetFic. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • A King’s Man — Rated M. MB. 13k. The fae king of Crystal City takes his most recent assassin hostage, and works to change his loyalties. Dark fantasy, manipulation, and interrogative techniques — note content warnings for blood and violence, sexual assault and manipulation, and complex power dynamics and layered interactions. Featuring Valorous King, Capulet, and Ondeimon. Adapted from a TweetFic. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • A Night On The Mountain — rated M, 10k, MB. In 1954, Loki goes to a party on Mount Olympus with the angel Asmodeus and his brother, Jean-Pierre Delacroix. A bit of Loki/Asmodeus in places — some slice-of-life, some Greek god stuff, a lot of angst and emotions stuff. Some Dionysus and some Ares. On Medium / / On Patreon / / On Ao3
  • Ambitious Men — Rated M. MB. 11.6k. Archie had idolised Casper Hugo almost his entire life. Deeply fucked up fantasy-horror, wherein a man finds that his dream of taking over his hero’s restaurant is not to proceed as smoothly as he hoped. Adapted from a TweetFic. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • The Arena Fighter — An arena brute enjoys one of the attendants. 3.5k, M/M. Nasty violent guys getting off on treating each other a bit roughly. Adapted from a TweetFic. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • A Stranger’s Visit — 3.6k, rated T. MB. A priest of Freyr receives a strange visitation. A little bit of Norse godliness versus Norse priestliness. Featuring Esben. Adapted from a TweetFic. On Medium / / On Patreon. / / On Ao3 / / The Story Podcast.
  • The Christmas Tree — Christina finds a pixie in her Christmas tree. 2.2k, rated K+. A short, sweet piece! Adapted from a TweetFic. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • The Clearing 400w, rated T. Faeries. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • The Collection100w, rated T. MB. Velma Kuroda and Edmund Horvasse. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Comes in Threes4k, rated T. MB. Prince Arthur comes upon a boy in the woods. Featuring King Arthur and Myrddin Wyllt. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Daddy’s Boy — 23k, rated E. MB. In the magical smuggling town of Lashton, the youngest son of the Laithes, a prominent crime family, struggles to make himself heard and accepted by his family, especially his father. Featuring Dai Laithe, Oidhche Laithe, and the rest of the Laithe family, with some appearances from Gellert Osgodby and to a lesser extent, Lucien Pike. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Dancing On A Pin 2k, rated T. MB. A student of ballet sees an angel practising in the studio. Featuring Asbat Nur-Badr (Asmodeus) and Jean-Pierre Delacroix. On Medium / / On Patreon / / On Ao3
  • The Dragon’s Treasure2.4k, rated T. DP. An ex-knight, getting on in years, makes a dangerous annual pilgrimage. On Medium / / On Patreon. / / The Story Podcast.
  • Duty & Love 1.2k, rated T. A would-be king seeks to take his throne. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Flora and the Pellar Batt — 4k, rated T. DP. A woman has a contentious relationship with her village’s pellar. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Freedom and Liberty — 2.1k, rated M. MB. Just some chatter and conversation between Cicero Penllwynog and Loki, with a little from Coshel Fenwick later on. On Medium / / On Patreon / / On Ao3
  • Gellert’s New Job 21k, rated M. MB. Gellert Osgodby has worked as a business manager for the King family for nearly a decade when an error in judgement brings his employment to an abrupt end. Lucien Pike, a rival kingpin, employs his services instead. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • The Gorgon Lives Alone —1.2k, rated T. MB. A snake-headed woman lives in solitude beneath the ground. CW for non-explicit references to sexual assault. Adapted from a TweetFic. On Patreon / / On Medium.
  • The Hive15k, rated T. MB. Episode 2: Kuroda Antiques. Velma Kuroda, specialist in haunted and enchanted objects, comes to evaluate the unusual estate left behind by a witch and demonologist. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • The Injured King —A king seeks out the healing services of a local witch. Just a little 800w piece. Rated T. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • King’s Sentence — 5k, rated T. Valorous King is ten years old when his family ship him to boarding school, just around the corner. Some young Valorous King coming to board at Idloes Academy. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • King’s Service — 11k, Rated E, MB. Cecil Hobbes, a man disgraced, has a new stalker. At his age, it’s almost a compliment. Valorous King, recently discharged from his time serving as a king’s man at the pleasure of Myrddin Wyllt, has returned home to Lashton, and also to his relentless pursuit of his old PE teacher, Cecil Hobbes. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Lady of the Wood — 2.6k. Fantasy short. A photographer takes her dog on walks through a divine wood, not knowing she’s watched over by a new patroness. On Patreon / / On Medium.
  • Lashton Sounds — 8.5k, rated M. MB. Gellert Osgodby is beginning to settle into his position as Lucien Pike’s secretary, but nothing in Lashton ever stays the same for long. Gellert Osgodby doing his thing, as is Lucien Pike — also with appearances from Oidhche and Dai Laithe, Cosmo and Damien Pike, Margaretta Renn and Bran Sorrel, and Courageous King. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • The Lighthouse Keeper’s Selkie —4.1k, M/M, rated M. A selkie becomes fascinated with a cold man living alone. Note warnings for non-graphic violence and butchery, themes of captivity, and cannibalism. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • The Lord of the Wood’s Spring Bride — 10k, rated M. MB. A trans dressmaker is embroiled in the strange schemes of a local deity, and he lets himself be carried away with the tide. Featuring Pothos Hearn. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • The Lost Boy in Llallwg — 4.7k, rated T. MB. In this one, an angel and his park warden boyfriend are slow and lazy in the summer evening heat, and the angel tells the warden a story. More with Gryff Gordon and Perseverance-before-God! On Medium / / On Patreon
  • Luca’s Monster — 1.2k, rated G. A boy talks to the monster that keeps coming out from under his bed. Sweet fantasy piece. Adapted from a TweetFic. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • The Many Deaths of Baldr the Undying —One of Odin’s record-keepers interviews the god Loki. 13.6k, rated M for violence, featuring some Loki and Baldr, some Odin scheming off-screen. Lots of delving into and playing with the stories, but with an angel thrown in for flavour. On Medium / / On Patreon / / On Ao3
  • Music and the Dead — 4.3k, rated T, MB. A magical musician goes into teaching, and makes an unusual connection. Just some light-hearted banter, romance, and fantasy, some music and necromancy. What more could a man want? On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • The Photographer 600w, rated T. He had seen much, in his time. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • The Pilot 9k, rated T. MB. Episode 1: Kuroda Antiques. A specialist in magical antiques, Velma Kuroda, is called out to help a grieving captain with the ghost of his partner. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Prices Paid — 1.4k, M/M. A man possessed by myriad demons greets his on-and-off lover. Asmodeus and Hamish MacKinnon! Just a short, sharp little piece between two sad, sharp men. Adapted from a TweetFic. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Problem Eggs — 8.6k, rated E. After sex with his merman boyfriend goes wrong, a man has to go to the hospital with a belly full of eggs. A story at the Caer Afon Magical Hospital, with Aoife Harkin, at their GUM Clinic. After sex with his merman boyfriend goes wrong, Shore finds he can’t pass the eggs as usual; meanwhile, Aoife accustoms to her new hospital after transferring over. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Retirement Beckons —2.5k, M/M, rated M. A deliveryman to fae lands comes back to his doctor — his lover, too. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Steps Ahead — Rated M. 13.7k. MB. A serving boy seduces a prince who is tired of the weight of his crown. M/M fantasy, with dark comedy throughout, and a rather fraught romance. Adapted from a TweetFic. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Stormy Seas300w, rated T. Only when it was stormy would she appear. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Strange Passage — 3k, rated M. MB. There is a stowaway on the vessel of Captain Tom Warren, and he determines to get to bottom of it. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Taxi Fare —Rated T, M/M, 2.6k. A taxi driver takes a fare with an unusual aura. Featuring some magic, some romance and flirtation, a bit of compulsion. Adapted from a TweetFic. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Temple Stone — 3.5k, rated T. MB. In a temple of Zeus, a beautiful stranger tells a story of Hades and Persephone. With an appearance from Ganymede Cavendish. Adapted from a TweetFic. On Medium / / On Patreon / / On Ao3
  • The Traveling Bard 1k, rated T. It was always just him and his guitar. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Youth Inquisitive6k, Rated T. DP. Vizma Riorda, a priest devoted to Oghma, a god of knowledge and truth, meets a young thief who does not lie. Featuring Buran Highfield. On Medium / / On Patreon.


  • A Bite’s Pleasure — 600w, MB. Bound in vines and roots, a young man experiences the talented mouth of a vampire .Cis M/M. Verdance Pike goes down on a mostly willing victim. Blowjobs, magic, bondage, and vampire bites — warning for the implication of mildly dubious consent. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Agony and Ecstasy — 6k, M/M, rated E! An abbot takes a stranded sailor on for… personal duties. Age difference, virginity kink, some naivety, some oral and anal, first time enthusiasm. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • After Class — 2.6k. MB. Explicit M/NB short between two alchemy students at the Royal University in Camelot — one is a cis guy, the other is nonbinary and uses they/them pronouns! Contains spanking, breast worship, casual sex, semi-public sex, anal. A little worldbuilding too! On Medium / / On Patreon
  • Asking Nicely — Trans M/M, 2.1k, MB. A trans man taking his partner’s strap learns precisely how strong he is. Featuring a massive tentacle strap-on, vaginal sex, size difference, teasing, overstimulation, Daddy kink, begging, crying, STRENGTH kink, even a little bit of belly-riding. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Archival Management — 10k, M/M, MB. An archivist with a messy life finds himself intensively managed by his sexy, older boss. Magical archivists in Camelot with the most mundane of delicious emotional and sexual issues. Featuring age difference, orgasm denial, oral, desperation, crying, a bit of mild humour and nastiness, delicious emotional manipulation, and a heavy dose of mind-reading. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Au Naturale — 7k. MB. A student at Camelot University gets involved with a stablemaster. Explicit M/M short between two cis men. 7k. Featuring size kink, size different, large cocks, overstimulation, stomach bulging, mind break/aheago, dirty talk, D/s, age difference, rough sex, being pinned down, and dirty talk about piss play but no actual piss play. Featuring Coshel Fenwick and Cicero Penllwynog. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Backfire — Rated E. 650w. Two witches work off steam after a spell backfires. Featuring vaginal sex, huge size difference, belly bulges, rough sex, D/s. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • The Baths — 850w. An attendant is well-used by a warrior after the arena. Cis M/M, Roman warrior with a slave in the baths. Size difference, strength kink, mild dehumanisation and humiliation, begging. Anal and oral. On Patreon / / On Medium
  • Beauty’s Growth — 1.8k, MB. A man’s first time with his new girlfriend — a dryad. Cis M/F. Oral, playful casual sex, laughter and teasing, and a bit of a mess after. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • A Bellyful —Cis M/trans M, rated E, 2.6k. On his way north from his studies, a mage stops by at an inn and pays for a place in the innkeeper’s bed — all the better to use each other. Overstimulation, oral, anal, and vaginal sex, breeding kink, denial, come inflation, begging, tears, rough sex, size difference, a bit of magic. Pregnancy threats at the end. On Medium / / On Patreon / / On Ao3
  • Best Behaviour — 1.7k. MB. Fabien has been waiting to be touched all day. Explicit M/M short between a cis ship captain and his trans boyfriend. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Biting — 700w. MB. A vampire bites his secretary. More from Lucien Pike and Gellert Osgodby in this one! On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Breed — 337w, cis M/M, MB. Breeding kink and banter. Dirty talk and jokes about breeding during anal. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Brothel Theatre — 2k, cis M/trans M, trans M voyeur, rated E. Yvis has never been to a brothel before, but he’s excited to see one of his heroes, the adventurer Amaethon, play a part in a local theatre production: a debauched one, at that. Featuring voyeurism, huge size difference, public sex, come inflation, CNC, spitroasting, stomach and throat bulging. On Medium / / On SubscribeStar / / On Ao3
  • Busy — 900w. A pub manager gets a helping hand at work. Cis M/trans M. Doggy sex, semi-public, dirty talk, casual sex, sex at work! On Patreon / / On Medium.
  • Butler vs Footman — 3k. MB. Don prompts some rivalry between two of the house’s servants. Explicit M/M/M short between three cis men. Featuring Don Howard, Sam Harrison, and Victor Mead. On Medium / / On Patreon / / On Ao3
  • Buttons and Ribbons — 700w. MB. Nicholas tries to concentrate on something other than the butler’s hands. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Caught — Cis M/trans M/cis M, 3.2k. MB. A thief is caught in the treasury and his punishment is delivered by the guards on duty. Unadulterated porn without plot — dubious consent, anal, vaginal, and oral sex, spitroasting, size difference, rough sex, fingering, messy sex with a bit of squirting and also messy oral, double penetration (vaginal/oral and vaginal/anal), crying, mindbreak, pussy spanking, spanking, some nipple play. Unsafe sex, no prophylactics or contraceptives are used or mentioned. On Medium / / On Patreon / / On Ao3
  • Centre Pocket — 2.5k, rated E, cis M/M. After teasing all day, a twink gets bent over the dive bar’s pool table. Public sex at a pub lock-in, size difference, age difference, humiliation and degradation, anal sex with condoms, dirty talk, multiple partners, object insertion, implications of a gangbang. Read on Medium / / Read on Patreon.
  • Running the Table — Rated E. Cis M/trans M/cis M. 4k. Featuring consent play with a prenegotiated rape roleplay, object insertion (not sanitary, not safe, just sexy), double penetration, begging, tears, size difference, age difference, lots of anal play, belly bulging. Jock and Phineas first appeared in Centre Pocket, where Jock initially makes the threat of the pool balls. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Change of Angles — 1.4k. MB. The strap-on might be a little too big. Light-hearted erotic short between two trans mascs. Contains a big strap-on, overstim, size difference, teasing and banter, body worship. On Medium / / On Patreon / / On Ao3
  • Close Shave — 1.3k, rated M. A barber and his lover alone in the shop after closing. Lenny has been travelling a while, and now home, Aban welcomes him back with his straight razor. Lots of intimacy and warmth and love and affection, expressed through shaving kink! On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Coaxed — 4.6k, rated E, giant M spider/trans M half-elf. Amaethon is a half-elf who combines sex work with adventuring to create wonderful monsterfuckery — I think I might do more with him because this was great fun. This erotica is deeply weird, and I’m delighted to introduce it: featuring oviposition and inflation, cervical penetration, huge size difference, huge belly bulging, body horror (including threats of bursting/popping), banter between a predator and prey, overstimulation, venom/drugs, suspension bondage. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Collared — 500w. MB. Two men play with collaring. M/M erotic short. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Confession and Penance — 11k, rated E, MB. A priest takes a hands-on approach to addressing a worshiper’s poor working habits.Tiernan, a manipulative workaholic who only ever relaxes during Mass services, is taken aside by Father Mullen when it all gets to be a bit too much. D/s, BDSM-approach to enforcing self-care, spanking, painplay, bit of a priest kink but it doesn’t go into that aspect too much, faith. Also some anal. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Cottage Holiday — 1.2k. MB. Don’s footman has him against the wall before the butler puts him to bed. Wall sex, strength and size kink, overstim, subspace, D/s, a little roughness and sweetness together! More of Don Howard, Sam Harrison, and Victor Mead. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Curiosity and Indulgence — 1.2k. MB. trans M/cis M, more from Tom Warren and Samuel Coates! Coates is curious about another kind of beating, and Tom is happy to oblige — flogging, some D/s and sadomasochism feels, and some playful dynamics between them! On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Cut and Well — 800w. MB. Pike rescues his secretary from an interrogation, but doesn’t release him from his bonds right away. Lucien Pike and Gellert Osgodby being their usual fucked up selves: knifeplay, blood and blood-drinking, some sadomasochism, and the usual undernegotiated kink with these two. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Daddy — cis M/trans M, 1.5k, MB. Two men discuss the new intern at work. Age difference, daddy kink, handjobs, teasing, begging, mentions of a threesome. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Degrees of Separation — 1.3k, cis M/M. A violinist has a quick tryst with his father’s boyfriend in a coat closet. Anal sex with protection, big size difference and significant size kink, infidelity, pseudo incest with dirty talk from the dad’s boyfriend about the dad’s preferences in bed, to the son. Use of the word daddy throughout. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Disciplinary Action — 2.4k. MB. Russ stays late after work. Explicit M/M erotica between an older cis man and a younger trans man. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Divine Bodies — 9k. MB. The god Freyr expects good work from his priests, but gives good rewards. Magical HRT for a loyal trans masc priest! Featuring Esben. On Medium / / On Patreon / / On Ao3
  • Domestic Bliss — 3k. MB. Explicit M/M erotic short between a cis man and his trans husband. Featuring housewife play, D/s, service kink, mild food kink, lingerie, plugs, cockwarming. On Medium / / On Patreon
  • The Duelling Ground — Two old veterans use a duelling student as their shared toy. Rated E, 3k. Trans M between a trans M and cis M, with a duelling master fucking one of his students with a friend of his. Double penetration, anal and vaginal play, biting and nibbling, rough sex, squirting, a bit of breeding dirty talk, size kink, gaping, nipple and chest play. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Early Birthday — Rated E, cis M/trans M, 3.5k. A boss is prompted to fuck his assistant. Age difference, size difference, boss/employee, rough sex, bareback, overstimulation, sex pollen. On Patreon / / On Medium.
  • Earning It — 1k, rated E. MB. Harrison is teasing Don, and Don can’t take it even before Mead joins in. Don Howard, Victor Mead, and Sam Harrison — orgasm denial, D/s, teasing, a little bit of crying, frustration, begging, but all in good fun! On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Exchanging Control — 800W, MB. Cicero Penllwynog tries something new with Coshel Fenwick — biting him. Teasing, biting, D/s dynamics, both of them jabbing at one another. Small warning for a reference to racism/colourism . On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Festival Prize — 1.2k, trans man getting double-knotted by two huge-dicked cis wolfmen! MB. A young man is knotted by two wolfmen at a night-time festival. Public sex, double-knotting vaginally and anally, come inflation, overstimulation. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Figging —Just 350w, Tom Warren/Samuel Coates. A snippet with some ginger. A little ginger and anal play, some vaginal fingering, and some spanking. On Patreon / / On Medium.
  • Financial Security — 3.8k, MB. A trans man tending bar is asked to go up and wait personally on a local mob boss. M/M between a cis man and a trans man, rated E. Fingering, size difference, vaginal play and a bit of anal play, kissing, cigar kink, huge power imbalance, age difference. Big dubious consent in this situation — the trans guy is always into it, but it’s a very dangerous situation with a lot of financial coercion and implied violence, lots of banter, very insecure positions, with implied stalking. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Contract — Rated E, cis M/trans M. 5.8k. MB. A trans man lets a gangster fuck him raw in exchange for services to be rendered. Danny, a waiter, is offered a deal by a local gangster, Arne Seven: for letting Seven fuck him bareback, Seven will pay for his bottom surgery. A continuation of Financial Security. On Patreon / / On Medium.
  • Enhanced Parts — NB/NB, rated E, 2k. Commissioned by Bear Blue. Featuring cybernetic enhancements, breeding kink, dirty talk, size difference, large insertions, objectification, humiliation, mild dub con, rough sex, struggling, some tears, implied overstim. On Medium / / On Patreon / / On Ao3
  • Fair Trade — 1.6k, cis M/M. A passenger on a sail ship makes an unwitting trade with a sailor on watch. age difference, oral sex, facefucking, teasing, hair-pulling! On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Fallen Dust — An erotic fantasy novella for the Shousetsu Bang Bang. Issue 103 for the Shousetsu Bang Bang: Off The Beaten Path! 14k, cis M/trans M. A young trans man fleeing an abusive home finds sanctuary at a strange temple buried in a mysterious valley. Featuring some Eldritch tentacles and mild horror, oviposition, breeding, some DP, and just the end of the world! CW for some threats of sexual coercion and pregnancy + transphobia and threatened detransitioning. On SBB / / On Medium / / On Patreon / / On Ao3
  • Fit for Purpose — 4.2k. MB. Supervillains and superheroes, but with stretchy bodies and massive cocks, between a huge cis male alien superhero and a trans man supervillain with whole-body elasticity. 4.2k. Silly and light in humour, but extreme on the porn! Featuring pheromones (mildly dubious consent for this, but both parties use pheromones to get their way, and are enthusiastically into it), come inflation, huge size difference, unrealistic sex, alien dicks, prodigious amounts of come, dom/sub, mild corporal punishment, undernegotiated kink, rough sex, objectification, dirty talk. On Medium / / On Patreon / / On Ao3
  • Purpose-Built Toy — 3.2k, rated E. A stretchy supervillain goes up against five huge superheroes. Sequel to Fit For Purpose. Trans M/5 alien Ms with alien cocks. There is absolutely no redeeming plot features in this, it’s just horrible unrealistic porn with lots of come inflation, objectification, humiliation, and belly kink. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Free Ride — An elf is given a free ride — not with a saddle, but under a centaur. 1.8k, rated E, cis M/trans M. Centaurs, belly riding, huge stomach deformation, huge penis, suspension, implied inflation, size difference. On Patreon / / On Medium / / On Ao3
  • Fresh Bounty — 1.7k, rated E, cis M/trans M! A bounty hunter takes a young wizard to the king’s court. Power play with a lack of negotiation, but fully consensual enthusiasm for it, cockwarming, threatened overstimulation, D/s, implications of public use, and sex on horseback! On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Fresh Clutch — 700w. MB. Cis M/M. A merman treats a partner to his clutch of eggs. Featuring oviposition, aphrodisiac slick, banter, stomach bulging! On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • A Gift for the Wolfmen — 6.4k, rated E. Two trans men, both being gangbanged by four cis wolfmen with huge cocks. Fantasy universe with adventurers and so forth. Featuring stuck-through-wall and grope boxes, body writing, vaginal, oral, and anal play, huge come inflation, size difference, knotting, power dynamics, virginity kink, objectification and dehumanisation, degradation, humiliation, breeding kink, body modification, mentions of lactation and pregnancy, and enthusiastic consent throughout. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Get There — 900w. MB. Explicit NBLNB short. Contains lingerie, corsets, public sex, mirrors, handjobs, D/s, discussions of subspace. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Getting Old — 1k, cis M/M, MB. Two old men sleepy on a pirate ship. Sleepy sex, intercrural, teasing, a bit of banter, mostly just two old men being tired and achy together! On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Grind — 300w, trans M/cis M, MB. A trans man grinds against his boyfriend’s hand. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • God’s Word — Cis M/M, 3.1k. MB. An English teacher in a boarding school destresses with the head of maintenance. Barebacking, creampie, anal, rough sex, size kink, age difference, spanking, voyeurism. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Good and Bred — A servant attends a warrior and gives him his first taste of sex with another man. 3k, rated E, cis M/ cis M. A warrior has never slept with another man before, and intends to top — his pretty little servant has different ideas, and cleaves him open. Featuring anal sex, massage kink, size kink, gender play, feminisation, some gaping, rough sex, D/s and power dynamics, role reversal, dirty talk, creampies, lots of breeding kink. On Medium / / On Patreon / / On Ao3
  • A Good Show — 600w, MB. More of Captain Tom Warren and Samuel Coates with a third — some voyeurism, overstimulation, a few tears, D/s, and a little double penetration! On Medium // On Patreon.
  • Hard Frost — 2.8k, rated E. MB. Julius Penllwynog, who’s trying to figure himself out as a fighter, falls afoul of his commander and earns a punishment. Mildly dubious consent, age difference, spanking, humiliation, workplace dynamic, and D/s power exchange work! On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Harvest’s Reward — Rated E, 1k. MB. More Freyr and Esben. M/M between a huge-cocked god of fertility and his trans masc priest! Featuring size difference, belly bulging, stuffing, food kink, hand-feeding, teasing, threats, and D/s! On Medium / / On Patreon / / On Ao3
  • Haughty Paris —Cis M/M, 800w. A sailor picks out the coolest and most beautiful of the tavern’s boys, like he always does. D/s, humiliation kink, face slapping, sex work. Featuring Paris. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Heat Wave — 700w. MB. A secretary struggling to deal with the heat uses his boss to cool down. Explicit M/M short between a cis vampire and his trans secretary. Featuring Lucien Pike and Gellert Osgodby. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Honesty & Ease — 4k, rated E, cis M/M! A sailor visits his favourite brothel. Featuring some sex work, age difference, teasing, anal, some self esteem stuff, some degradation and humiliation! More with Paris, because he’s on my mind a lot of late, and I love him to pieces. On Medium / / On Patreon
  • The Hot Springs Rated E, 4k, cis M/trans M. A man meets his match at the hot spring one morning.Some good old porn without plot — a man goes to the hot spring every day and crosses paths with a sexy blacksmith. Set in 1600s Japan. Size difference, manhandling, vaginal sex, creampies, a bit of anal play, a lot of oral and face-sitting, some banter and dirty talk, multiple orgasms, overstimulation! Adapted from a TweetFic. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • House Call — 1.7k, cis M/M, MB. A guy calls in for sex at the office of the local country doctor. Anal, safe sex, laughing and teasing, kissing, oral, age difference, size difference. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Hypnotised —An assistant bartender is drawn in by a vampire. 1k, M/M, rated M. Some sexy hypnosis for the purposes of public blood drinking — no sex. An entry for Day #3 of #MonstrousMay. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Inescapable — An elf makes the poor decision of doing a magical escape room with a human he doesn’t know too well. They both fall into a trap, but at least it feels good. Featuring tentacle monsters, oviposition, belly bulging and inflation, overstimulation, multiple penetration, some body horror. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Intensive Care — 3.4k, cis M/M. A paediatric nurse takes some time after work with the Head of Psychiatry. Some fucky power play between coworkers, both of them very aware of each other’s character flaws, featuring age difference, size difference, riding, oral, anal, lots of physical intimacy and affection, with a hint of overstim at the end. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • The Interview — 4k, cis M/trans M, MB. A workplace roleplay with age difference and some hearty degradation. Younger boss/older prospective employee, pre-negotiated roleplay, degradation and humiliation, daddy kink, nipple play, PIV, riding, sex in the office, casual sex, bareback. The older man is fat, but none of the degrading language is about his body or his size except for commenting on the size of his chest — the degradation primarily is about his age and assumed loneliness. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Knight Tactics — 3k, trans M/loads of cocks, assumed as cis M. Amaethon gets himself stuck in a wall so that the bandits will work out their stamina fucking him rather than fighting off the king’s guard. Stuck in wall, free use, fully (and gleefully) consensual whilst pretending he isn’t, mild belly bulging and come inflation, gaping, exhaustion, messy and come-spattered, etc. All the fun stuff. On Medium / / On Patreon / / On Ao3
  • Knotted — 300w, cis M/M, MB. It’s the full moon, and they’re trying something new. Transformed werewolf sex! Knotting, big size difference, slight belly bulge, anal, come inflation. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Knotting — 1.4k. MB. A werewolf ties with his lover. Explicit M/NB short between a cis werewolf and a nonbinary person who uses they/them pronouns. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Layover — 1.1k, rated E, MB. A flight steward meets up with a pilot for a quick rendezvous. Casual safe sex, gentle sex, lots of laughter and teasing, and some biting and kissing. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Little Cow —1.8k. Trans M/cis M, an elf being processed at a facility where he’s going to be impregnated & used for milk. Manhandling, size difference, bondage, breeding stands, impregnation, aphrodisiacs, nipple play, anal, humiliation, penis gags, objectification, obviously the inherent sex work, mentions of belly bulging, belly riding, and come inflation. An elf is processed at a breeding & milking facility. Read on Medium / / Read on Patreon.
  • Little Touch — 500w, cis M/trans M, teasing, humiliation, sex work. A trans bellhop attends to a demanding guest. Some Arne Seven! Read on Medium / / Read on Patreon.
  • Little Vows — cis M/M, 3k, MB. An exhausted father of two meets an old uni friend for sex. Neil drops his girls off for their piano lessons and goes across the road for his regular appointment — getting himself fucking railed. Infidelity, anal, dirty talk, DILF4DILF and bear appreciation, doggy, overstim, mentions of barebacking and creampies. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Locker Room Talk — 2.8k. MB. Gaz picks on the wrong guy in the showers at the gym. Explicit M/M short between a cis man and a trans man. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Loki’s Favour — 2.4k. MB. Magical weirdness and oddity here, with cockwarming, banter, and an edge of divine danger. A bit more of Loki! On Medium / / On Patreon / / On Ao3
  • Lunch Break — 600w, cis M/M. Two coworkers run for a quickie on their lunch break — car sex, safe sex, silly teasing sex. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Managing Stress — 1.2k. MB. A gentleman is prompted to relax by his butler. Explicit M/M short between a gentleman and his butler, both of them cis. Featuring Don Howard and Victor Mead. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • The Man on the Hill — Trans M/amorphous man made of shadows. 900w, rated E. Vaginal and anal sex, oral, spitroasting, overstimulation, sex outdoors. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Meetings — 500w, cis M/trans M. More Arne Seven and Danny. Seven uses Danny as a cockwarmer. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • The Mermaid and the Fisherman — 7.3k, rated E, M/M. A young man fleeing home has taken up residence in an old fishing cabin on the west coast of Scotland. He is observed, very closely, by a mermaid from beyond the maerl beds nearby. Featuring cultural differences, humour, oviposition, cervix penetration, mild chem sex from the mermaid’s aphrodisiac, some rough sex, some mildly dubious consent, stuffing, belly bulge. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Milk Production — 3.3k, cis M/trans M, MB. A country doctor finds his footman in an unexpected condition. Featuring older!trans/intersex doctor/younger!cis footman; the footman is lactating and the doctor is really into it. Featuring lactation, milking, some mild sadism and humiliation, lots of praise, PIV sex, eagerness, D/s dynamics, age difference. There’s reference and implication throughout to feeding and weight gain as the younger man is skinny, but no feeding within the course of the fic.With Doctor Nathaniel Mills and Tristan Sunderland. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Milk Production: Part Two — Tristan finds himself overwhelmed with his attraction to Doctor Mills’ bedside manner. This instalment, rated E, 2.4k. This chapter featuring lactation kink, heavy medical kink, references to stuffing and weight gain under medical supervision, humiliation and praise kink. On Patreon / / On Medium.
  • Mimic Studies — An elf experiences a mimic’s tentacles, and then a reward. Rated E, 2.5k, trans M/a mimic. Featuring multiple tentacle penetration in one hole, vaginal sex, some mild objectification and dehumanisation, some academic silliness, object insertion, cervix penetration, belly bulging and stomach distension. On Medium / / On Patreon / / On Ao3
  • Morning Eggs — 1k. MB. Silly domestic oviposition between an angel and a merman. Featuring Bird. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Neighbour’s Charm — 3.7k, MB. A man invites his neighbour around one morning and loses it. Big fat sexy neighbour, MC is a bit of a gymshark — rimming, some biting and bruising, age difference, lots of teasing and a bit of humour, coming too quickly, casual sex. On Medium / / On Patreon / / On Ao3
  • Nesting Choices — 3.8k, rated E, MB. A man comes home to his husband, and the difficulty of choice is taken off his hands. Lots of warm, soft, loving BDSM in this one — D/s dynamics, some orgasm denial, bathing, teasing, prostate stimulation, a tiny bit of dirty talk. With Guan Zhenzhi and Lucius MacLeod. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • On Call — Snippet, MB. A student doctor with one of the surgeons in the on call dorm, featuring Jean-Pierre Delacroix. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Ownership — 460w, MB. With Aimé Deverell and Jean-Pierre Delacroix. Aimé already knew who he belonged to. Possessive behaviour, biting, public sex, and teasing. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Paid in Full —4k, rated E, cis M/trans M. Utterly self-indulgent. A young sex worker is employed by a local lord, who wants to do only one thing to him — and then give him something else. Lots of oral sex in this one, age difference, some power differential, a nervous sex worker. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Patience — 373 words, MB. Lingerie with Jude Jupp and Richard Chastain. On Medium // On Patreon.
  • Perfect Game — 2.1k, rated E. Cis M/trans M. Charlie and Gaiden have been friends for years, but Charlie is getting tired of Gaiden’s hook-ups. So is Gaiden. Featuring some voyeurism, creampies, vaginal sex, vaginal spanking and spanking threats, some dirty talk, messy sex, mild D/s, friends-to-fucking. Terms used for Gaiden’s bits are cock, cunt, and pussy. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Perfection — 900w, MB. A butler laces up a gentleman’s corset. More of Donald Howard and Victor Mead — corsetry, breathplay, gentle domming, praise kink, bondage, size kink, sweetness and tenderness. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Piercings — 350w, MB, with Adam Hayden and Curt Sangster. Cis M/trans M. A man plays with his trans boyfriend’s nipple piercings. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Pinned Down — 800w. MB. A merman treats his angel boyfriend to his tentacles, but he has to earn them first. Erotic M/M short between a merman with tentacles and a trans male angel. Featuring Bird. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • The Prince’s Pleasure — 6.7k. DP. The prince’s personal guard helps him forget about the stresses of the day. Explicit M/M short between a cis male werewolf with a penis and (huge) knot, and a trans man with a vulva. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Prostate Milking — 1.7k. MB. A footman plays a joke on the house butler. Erotic M/M+M short between three cis men. Featuring Don Howard, Sam Harrison, and Victor Mead. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Public Performance —1k, cis M/trans M. A vampire fucks his trans boyfriend in a crowded nightclub as people dance below them. Featuring some chem sex with the drugging effects of a vampire belt, public sex, fingering and vaginal sex, overstimulation, and implications of a fevered gangbang in the aftermath. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Punishment — A man takes penance over the priest’s desk. 1.8k, rated E, M/M. Featuring spanking, mild anal play, power dynamics, of course the priest aspect, age difference. Tiernan Borel and Marshall Mullen first appeared in Confession and Penance. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Push-Pull — 800w, cis M/trans M/trans M. A man happily pinned between two others. Mild D/s, threesome, oral and PIV sex, implied overstim, teasing. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Quiet Command — 1.5k, rated E, cis M/trans M. A ship’s captain wakes his lover and teases him before he offers satisfaction. More of Ian Chisholm and Lluw, who were first in Sleeping Beauty! Mild somnophilia, some D/s, a lot of frottage and grinding, teasing, begging, role switching, and PIV sex. On Patreon / / On Medium.
  • Remnants of a Bygone Era— 7.5k, cis M/M. After his roommate brings him to his bondage tutorial, Ignatius pursues a very grumpy little nurse.Rope bondage tutorials and sexy lectures about safe sex, age difference, power dynamics, size difference, leather, role reversals and dynamic play, anal sex, hairy bodies, dirty talk, mild humiliation, teasing, nipple piercings, tattoos. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Return to the Daily Grind — 3.3k. MB. A client hires a temporary assistant with specialist skills. Explicit M/M short between a cis male werewolf and a trans male angel. Featuring Bird. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Ridden Hard — 1k, T4T M/M, rated E! A trans man is trapped between his boyfriend’s strap and a powerful vibrator. Featuring a vibrating wand, rope bondage with the arms pinned behind the back, vaginal and anal, objectification, a smattering of dirty talk, multiple orgasms, and overstim. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Ride — 250w, trans M/cis M. More of Arne Seven and Danny. A trans man rides his partner’s thigh. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Rocking — 700w, cis M/trans M. Birthday sex. Slow, drawn-out sex, teasing, PIV, lots of decadence and indulgence here. Samuel Coates and Tom Warren, again! On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Room for Dessert — 5.8k, rated E, M/M. An office worker is taken out for dinner by his new, hot boss. Boss/employee, age difference, power dynamics, food kink, stuffing, kissing, a handjob, some mild masochism. Read on Medium / / Read on Patreon.
  • Sacrificial Cow — 3.7k. Trans M/Cis M/Cis M. Two huge priests fuck and cumflate a much smaller trans twink between them — featuring come inflation, multiple orgasms, size difference, huge insertions, stretching, breast expansion, lactation, milking. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • The Scholarship Lottery —4k, rated E, trans M/gangbanged by werewolf cocks. A magical university runs a scholarship lottery where entrants have to flee the werewolves in rut hunting them down. Charlie enters. Featuring the chase, oral, anal, and vaginal knotting, no birth control, rough sex, significant come inflation, implications of impregnation, wet and messy sex, gaping, and at the end some chaser-flavoured objectification of the trans man by one of the human senior staff. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Sensory Deprivation — 3.2k. MB. Gerald Poole has a sprained wrist, and not being able to work, the boredom is getting to him. His lovers — Jack Wicks and Captain Orion Cedric Thwaites, respectively — go to some efforts to keep him occupied. Erotic short centred on one cis man. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Sheathed — A young man uses his coach’s mouth. 1.2k, cis M/M, rated E. Featuring blowjobs with throat-fucking, size difference, gagging, mild objectification, rough sex, coming in pants, and age difference. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Shivers — 500w. Rated M. A young man kisses an older bear. Some touch starvation and shivers, kissing in a man’s lap. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Shore Leave — 600w. MB. A captain goes down on his sailor. Explicit M/M short between a cis naval captain and a trans sailor. Featuring Tom Warren and Samuel Coates. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Simple Error — 2.7k. MB. Two students of magic enjoy the results of a potions mix-up. Explicit M/M short with two cis witches, with one spontaneously growing lactating breasts. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Sizes Compared — 350w, rated E. Anal sex when size makes vaginal sex just a little too much work. :) A return of Bill and Ajax from Unlikely Matches. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Sleeping Beauty — 9.2k. A sailor takes something that doesn’t belong to him, and the captain punishes him. Cis M/trans M and cis M/M. A carpenter’s apprentice can’t resist the captain’s cabin boy while he’s meant to be performing maintenance, and afterwards, the captain and the cabin boy punish him between them — if the apprentice wants another chance at sex with the cabin boy, he has to let the captain bugger him first. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Slime Breeder 3.5k. An elf is used as a distraction as his party fight a gigantic slime. A trans masc elf getting fucked from all ends by a giant slime creature, used as a seedbed by it, then played with by his variously gendered friends in the aftermath. On Medium / / On Patreon / / On Ao3
  • Snake Eggs — 2.5k, rated E, M/F. Amaethon helps out his friend Gitte, a naga, with laying this year’s clutch of eggs. Size difference and size kink, belly bulging, vaginal and anal penetration, paralysis from her venom, some banter, oviposition, inflation, impregnation. On Medium / / On Patreon / / On Ao3
  • Soaked — 600w. MB. A butler and his gentleman seek respite from a demanding morning. More Don Howard and Victor Mead! Featuring intercrural sex and a little D/s and marking . On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Soft as Silk — Cis M/M. 1.2k. MB. After a long day at work, a man sinks into the comforts of home. Silk textures, pyjama kink, sleepy sex, age difference, size difference, chest/tit worship, biting, coming too fast, teasing. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Spanking — 3k. MB. A ship captain spanking his sailor. Short M/M story between a cis ship captain in the age of sail and a trans sailor. Featuring Tom Warren and Samuel Coates. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Spilled Wine — 2k. MB. More Cicero Penllwynog with a priest of Dionysus — some post-ritual magical sex! Explicit M/M erotica between two cis men. On Medium / / On Patreon / / On Ao3
  • The Stasis Box 5k, rated E, trans M/cis M but hundreds of other people. A trans twink agrees to be involved in an experiment in lieu of his year-long prison sentence — he’s placed in a stasis box, frozen in time, with his holes still accessible for the crew of a mining vessel to make use of. Full consent is given throughout, the twink knows what he’s in for. Featuring medical kink, fingering, anal and vaginal fingering and sex, sensitivity, time stop, big overstimulation, mind-break and ahegao, objectification, huge come inflation, gaping, come vomiting, general degradation. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Star-Crossed Boys — 1.8k. MB. Dai Laithe is approached by another Lashton youth — Valorous King. Erotic short, M/M with two cis men, rated E, 1.8k. Masturbation for an uncaring audience, implied heavy drug use, PTSD, and two emotionally stunted boys. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Stormy Night — 1.2k, rated E, cis M/trans M. MB. A captain retires for the evening and buries himself in his bedwarmer. More of Lluw and Ian Chisholm from Sleeping Beauty; featuring somnophilia, sleepy sex, large cocks, teasing. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Stuck — 3k, rated E, trans man getting fucked by a bunch of cis guys. A guy gets stuck with his ass up in the air, and his roommates take gleeful advantage. Featuring predicament bondage, barebacking, anal and vaginal, mildly dubious consent (trans man is into it, but there’s not much negotiation or seeking out specific consent), multiple orgasms. On Medium / / On Patreon / / On Ao3
  • Study Session — 1.6k, cis M/M. MB. A student fucks his professor against the gym wall. Prof/student, older bottom/younger top, age difference, size difference, wall sex, semi-public sex, biting, dirty talk, teasing, threatens of spanking, D/s implications. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Stuffed — 1.1k, cis M/M. A man is handfed almost to bursting by his husband. Stuffing, handfeeding, D/s, begging, overstimulation, mild sadomasochism (stomach cramps etc), teasing. With Guan Zhenzhi and Lucius MacLeod. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Sublime Heat — Cis M/trans M, 650w. More of Samuel Coates and Tom Warren. Samuel Coates experiences the kisses of a candle. Wax play and rope bondage, relationship between a captain and a sailor. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Sublime Service — 500w, just some cockwarming, watersports, and D/s. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Sumptuous — 500w. Just some slow and luxurious sex. Cis M/M, slow and loving sex during a heat wave. On Patreon / / On Medium.
  • Suspended Pleasures — 1k. MB. Rope bondage and potion play in the apothecary’s office. M/M short between a cis apothecary and a trans partner. Age difference, suspension bondage, overstimulation, crying, come inflation, and fear of getting caught, as well as mentions of exhibitionism. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Super — Cis M/M, breeding kink and dirty talk with anal. 500w. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Sweet Torture — 1.3k. MB. Curt has a surprise for his boyfriend when he comes home from sea. Explicit M/M short between a cis male lecturer in medicine and his trans boyfriend, set loosely in the late 1800s. With Curt Sangster and Adam Hayden. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • The Tentacle Beast — A priest makes a pledge to his chapter’s master. Cis M/tentacle beast. Just 600w, short and sweet! For the Monstrous May Challenge 2023. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Tentacles — Cis M/tentacles. 450w. Tentacles in a hot spring! On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Therapeutic — 500w, cis M/trans M, rated E. A vampire chokes his secretary. Gellert Osgodby and Lucien Pike, with Pike choking Gellert whilst fucking him, then massaging his feet. Mentions of overstim. On Patreon / / On Medium.
  • Touch-Starved — Cis M/M, 15k. When a man finds out about his disabled coworker’s active sex life, he’s very jealous, and maybe… something else, too. Arden Rice has been friends with Sebastian April for years, and it’s never occurred to him before now that April might have an active sex life — let alone a sex life he want to involve himself in. Contains massage, touch starvation, anal sex, size difference, D/s throughout, praise + affection kink, kink for following orders, frotting with intergluteal, somnophilia, mating press, rough sex, power dynamics. On Medium / / On Patreon / / On Ao3
  • Training Toy — 3k, rated E, trans M/many cis M. Continuing on from Stuck. A cheerleader trains up another student to be a good fucktoy, and shares him out to local football players — featuring D/s, multiple orgasms, mild bimboification vibes, training, multiple penetration, degradation, objectification, anal, vaginal, and oral, big penetrations. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Treatment — 1.2k, rated E, cis M/M. MB. An inmate at a rehabilitation centre satisfies his urges with the visiting doctor.Just skin hunger, age difference, blowjobs, and praise. On Patreon / / On Medium.
  • Treasured Chest — 1k. MB. Milo and Clay try something new. Explicit M/M erotic short between a cis man and a trans man. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Treasure Hunting —A young would-be pirate makes an unwise choice. Rated E, 1.7k, tentacle monster/cis M. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Two Artists — 3k, rated E, MB. A watercolour artist who lives in a country village is faced with the young man who tried and failed at seducing him a decade back. Age difference, anal, orgasm denial, D/s, some pinning and manhandling, a lot of dirty talk, some begging. References made throughout to past fantasies as a teenager. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Under Command — 2k, rated E, cis M/M with an audience of 2 more. A man meets a physician for a tumble, and the physician invites an audience. Featuring anal, some D/s, age difference, overstimulation, fucking in front of an audience, teasing. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Unethical Experimentation —2.3k. Rated E, cis M/trans M. An apothecary captures a fairy to… make use of. Silly and utterly horrible porn — a fairy is captured and used as a fucksleeve by an apothecary! He absolutely loves it! Featuring size difference with macro/micro, implied body transformation, stretchy skin, belly bulging, objectification, overstimulation, and predicament bondage. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Unlikely Matches — 5k, rated E, MB. A superlatively large secretary mounts a seduction of his tiny little boss. A gigantic secretary working at an all-trans tax accountant office! Lots of humour and banter, lots of flirting, big size difference, oral sex, beard pulling, fingering, shirt stays, desk sex, and all that good stuff. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Used — 1.7k, rated E, cis M/trans M. A captain makes use of his cabin boy early in a morning. More of Captain Ian Chisholm and Lluw! Featuring somnophilia, D/s, anal sex, size difference and size kink, mild objectification, quiet sex, and then threats of fisting. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Vigour — 500w, M/trans M, rated E. A man is stuck between a proverbial rock and hard place. Just a short piece, overstimulation, doggy style, bondage, and a sex wand. On Patreon / / On Medium.
  • Wake-Up Call — 1.2k,MB. Aimé wakes up earlier than Jean-Pierre for once, and decides to take advantage. Cis M/trans M, previously negotiated consensual somnophilia, oral sex, teasing, sleepy sex. Featuring Aimé Deverell and Jean-Pierre Delacroix. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Wants and Cravings — 4k, rated E, MB. A young man lusts after an unattainable gentleman until the gentleman’s valet steps in. Introducing Vincent Lucas Samuels, Ulysses Valentine, and Kit Sanders, with a new appearance from the illustrious Lawrence Kidd. Lots of teasing and flirtation, rough sex, bruising, hair-pulling, size difference, and some nasty men who like to take advantage. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Warm Welcome Home — 2k, rated E, MB. Jude comes home to his boyfriend, and is welcomed back with open legs. More Jude Jupp and Richard Chastain — featuring anal, dirty talk, teasing, kissing, and some mild D/s and fantasy around the housewife power dynamic. On Medium // On Patreon.
  • Well-Used Toy — 2.1k. MB. Mr Pike needs to learn to treat his playthings a little more nicely. Explicit M/M cockwarming short between a cis male vampire (a crime boss) and a trans male human (a sex worker), with another trans man (boss’ secretary) giving aftercare. Featuring Lucien Pike and Gellert Osgodby. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Window Trap — Jean-Pierre makes an unwise decision, and gets caught amongst the wrong crowd. Rated E, 3.9k, trans M angel gangbanged by Greek gods, mostly by Hermes (Aetos Talaria). Doros is also here — Doros and Jean-Pierre both being characters in Powder and Feathers. Dubious to non consent here after some pure hubris, with a gangbang, large insertions, come inflation, deepthroating, spitroasting, predicament bondage with Jean-Pierre stuck in a wall, humiliation, degradation, dirty talk, masochism, stomach bulges. On Medium
  • Wine Barrel — The angel Jean-Pierre lets himself get caught by the all-too-friendly Dionysus. Rated E, trans M/everyone at a party. Featuring object insertion, inflation with a womb filled up with wine, unsafe alcohol consumption, lactation, milking, public humiliation, voyeurism, transformation, very drunk sex, sadomasochism, free use, objectification, begging, multiple orgasms, overstimulation. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Wings (and Tails) — 1.1k. MB. An angelic sex worker and double penetration. Explicit M/M between a trans angel and a cis “demon”. Featuring Bird. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Work Break — 1k, MB. One of the university gardeners gets a visit from a professor on his break. Anal, barebacking, rough sex, objectification and mild degradation, hole spanking. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Work Hours — 1.3k, cis M/M. A man enforces the boundaries of his boyfriend’s work-life separation. Public blowjobs out of doors, mild D/s, teasing and banter. Light-hearted and breezy. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Working Schedule — Rated E, 1.4k. Cis M/trans M. A boss and his secretary take a break for a nap. Featuring cockwarming with PIV, some D/s, dirty talk, mild somnophilia, some role reversal play, mentions of creampies. Read on Patreon / / Read on Medium.
  • Yes, Sir — 3.6k, cis M/trans M, rated E. A criminal accountant has his big bear muscle guy fuck him, and the bear does so until the accountant is a whimpering mess. Vaginal sex, size difference, rough sex, objectification, implied overstim, power dynamics and role reversal, age difference. On Patreon / / On Medium.


  • Agreements and Curses — 20k, rated M, MB. A young man is dispatched to a fae land and joins the princes’ retinue. As part of an exchange program between the magical city from which he hails and the fae island state of Einsamal, a young man is sent as a child to explore fable and adventure, and in the process falls in love with one of the princes. The prince, a child of Loki, faces his own trials. With Princes Loptr and Fenris, Boniface Nottingham, and Loki. On Medium / / On Patreon / / On Ao3
  • A Model Partnership — 3.8k, rated T. Sweet and gentle. A regular guest has a connection with a hotel concierge, and they build up their relationship to something more. Adapted from a TweetFic. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Anxious Weight — 800w, M/M, rated T, an anxious gentleman soothed by his valet. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • At Sea — 4.3k, rated M. A gentleman is nervous to travel at sea and is attended by one of the officers. Adapted from a TweetFic. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • The Apothecary and the Carpenter’s Son — 5k, rated T. DP. Originally a Tweetfic. A young carpenter becomes enchanted by the village apothecary. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • The Angel — 2.4k, rated M. 1870s Annam (Vietnam).A young man lays eyes on an angel. The angel is a smug prick. Bui, a school teacher, falls into bed with an angel — Jean-Pierre Delacroix. Read on Medium / / Read on Patreon / / On Ao3
  • Arcade Prizes — Rated T, sweet M/M, 1.5k. The head librarian regularly heads into the arcade, and takes home a few prizes. Adapted from a TweetFic. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • The Baker’s Hot Date — 4k, rated T, M/M. A shy man falls for a regular at his bakery. Just a sweet one between a baker and a… businessman. Adapted from a TweetFic. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Batty For You — A zookeeper falls head over heels for a regular visitor. 2k, rated T, just a cute short piece here! Adapted from a TweetFic. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • The Blacksmith and the Florist — 2.3k, Rated T. MB. A chronically fatigued enchanter becomes fascinated with one of the neighbours. Adapted from a TweetFic. On Medium // On Patreon.
  • Books To Return — 4k, rated K+. MB. The head librarian has a new admirer. Fluff and sweetness. Short trans 4 trans romance. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • The Butler — 1.3k, rated T. The captain’s steward used to be a butler. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Deep Breath — 7k, M/M, rated M. A painter is utterly obsessed with the butcher across the road, and the butcher is a little obsessed back. Lots of mental illness in this one, lots of reference — implicit and explicit — to suicidality, drug use, alcoholism, sexual assault and rape, ableism, consent issues, including past child sexual abuse, all in the context of a victim in recovery whilst also being in active addiction. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Dirk and the Weaver — 12k, rated M, MB. A shopkeeper slowly comes to fall for a weaver when he comes to town. Slow romance and fantasy short between a shopkeeper in an isolated Scottish village, and a weaver that comes up from somewhere way down south. Adapted from a TweetFic. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Easing Into It — 4k. M/M, rated M. A few mentions of past abuse. Adapted from a TweetFic. There is a cute dog! On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • The Enchanter and the Postman — 4k, rated M, MB. An enchanter who usually likes his isolation gets a new postman. Adapted from a TweetFic. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • A Fish Riding a Bicycle — 4k. Rated M, M/M. MB. A repressed wizard is at odds with the Dean of Magical Arts’ new secretary. Silly banter back and forth between a grumpy Mr Fish and a smug new personal assistant of the Dean’s — Mr Cross. Adapted from a TweetFic. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Flowers and Music — 3.5k, rated T, MB. A man becomes besotted with his neighbour, a violinist. Some sweetness and gentle teasing between two neighbours in the same building! Adapted from a TweetFic. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • For Want of Time — 6k, rated T. MB. A delivery man is quite infatuated with the clerk at a magical toy shop. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Fresh Country Air — 2.8k, rated M, MB. An orchard labourer gives a naturalist’s education to a visitor from the city. Kissing and sweetness, some hand and blowjobs, teasing, shyness, affection. Adapted from a TweetFic. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Funny Thing — 1.3k, short and sweet! Rated M, adapted from a TweetFic. Light-hearted age gap with pirates. A quartermaster is driven mad by the carpenter’s nephew. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • The Grand Prize — 2.7k, rated T. DP. A long-time thief steals his most ambitious trophy yet. On Medium / / On Patreon / / On YouTube.
  • Good Coin — 7.5k, rated M, M/M. Just some romance and learning to understand one another. A mercenary — not an adventurer, thanks much — struggles to understand the compulsive deception of the party’s rogue. Adapted from a TweetFic. Mentions of sex work, past sexual abuse, trafficking, implied gender dysphoria, some power dynamics. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Hard Work 4k, rated M, M/M. A wizard starts up a relationship with the witch next-door. Nice and light-hearted, with a bit of humour and banter alongside the magical setting. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Hit Me — 1.7k, rated T. A blackjack dealer notices a lonely young man. Just some quiet companionship and bonding over loneliness in the early 1800s. On Medium / / On Patreon / / Via Homo-Work.
  • Hitting the Books — Rated M, 12.6k, cis M/M. A young man returns to his old school to teach, and attempts to pursue his old history teacher. A man returns to his old school to teach, and also returns to his old school crushes. Obviously there’s a big age difference here and a teacher fucking his ex-student, some implied BDSM, some daddy issues, some sex at work, et cetera. Adapted from a TweetFic. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Hungry — 1.5k. A journalist observes a hunter skinning a deer. Just a bit of romance and slice-of-life between a hunter and a journalist observing his work. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • The Ice Skater — 5k, rated M, MB. A man falls devastatingly in love with the strange figure who dances on the ice. A man working at a cocoa stand becomes besotted with the man who always skates on the outdoor ice rink at Christmastime. Another appearance from Verdance Pike, adapted from a TweetFic. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Like A Thief and an Assassin — Rated M, 6,7k, M/M. A kooky thief at a for-hire intelligence agency starts to romance his handler. Banter and some back-and-forth, mounting sexual tension, age difference. Tone is playful and restrainedly horny. Adapted from a TweetFic. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • The Mermaid and the Dockworker — 4k, rated T. MB. A merman saves a fisherman from drowning, once. Just a cute one here with a merman who saves a fisherman from drowning, and the fisherman saving him back! There are descriptions of fear and drowning in this, but no other particular content warnings. Adapted from a TweetFic. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • More Than Coffee — 13k, rated E. MB. Del’s place of work is a front for an underground surgery. One of their new patrons doesn’t care: he just wants his coffee. Romance, erotica, humour, and a little bit of crime. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Office Match — Two men exchange crafts in the office — and then exchange more than that. 4.3k, M/M, rated M. Just some sweet romance in an office setting — mild humour, back-and-forth, lots of shyness and some autistic vibes, some size difference and kink. Adapted from a TweetFic. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Paper Houses — 7k, rated M, M/M. A train conductor begins a relationship with a regular passenger. Some sweet autistic 4 autistic love and affection with a build to the relationship and some fantastical elements on the side. Adapted from a TweetFic. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • The Pirate Accountant — 4.5k, rated M, MB. A quartermaster works up the nerve to finally mount a seduction on their accountant. Dark humour and biting banter throughout, between an exceedingly cautious and paranoid accountant and the quartermaster who’s finally worked up the courage to ask him out. Adapted from a TweetFic. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • The Poet and Provocateur — 4.5k, rated M. MB. A bodyguard is assigned to look after a very provocative poet. Bickering bastards going between American settler towns at the turn of the century. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Saint Jude’s Kitchen — 20k, Rated M, MB. After an injury stops him working, a failing deckhand gets a new lease on life. Themes around cooking and nurturing, identity and sense of self, and complex family dynamics. Adapted from a TweetFic. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Sleeper Train — Two boyfriends head up north on the sleeper train. 850 words, rated T, M/M. Short, sweet, romance and slice-of-life. Adapted from a TweetFic. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Smoke Break — 4k, rated M, M/M. Set in the mid-noughties. A child psychologist is seduced by a receptionist from a neighbouring office space. Oblique references to child abuse, smoking throughout, age difference. Adapted from a TweetFic. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Something Sweet — 870w, F/F. A woman sometimes takes a moment to watch a baker at work on her morning commute. Just a little slice-of-life and crushing on a stranger! On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Superior Service — 2.7k, rated M, M/M. An overworked business consultant struggles with his new assistant. Silly short with a nasty little businessman being thawed out by a nasty but efficient new secretary. Mild humour and seduction. Adapted from a TweetFic. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Sweet On — 7k, rated M, M/M. A chocolatier falls head over heels for one of his most austere customers. A very exuberant chocolatier crushes on desperately on the deadpan professor who begins coming into his shop for coffee. Autism for autism and lots of flirting and teasing. Introducing Benny Wu and Haoran Soon. Adapted from a TweetFic. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Temple Service — Rated M, 2.2k, M/M. A servant at the temple to Hephaestus lusts after an olive-tender. Some ancient Greeks! A temple servant and a grove-worker, lots of teasing and banter and flirting. Adapted from a TweetFic. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Tailored — 585, rated M, M/M. A man tailors a suit for his boyfriend. Some size kink, some banter, teasing. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Tailor’s Hands 3k, M/M, rated M. A newly out man falls for a local tailor. Sweet and short, some bantering back and forth, some shyness and sillinness, some cute cats! Featuring Pothos Hearn. Adapted from a TweetFic. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Two Plates — 3k, rated M. A crotchety bookshop owner receives regular visits from the sex shop-owner across the way. Age gap, kissing, lots of banter and sharp back and forth. Note some mentions of past sexual abuse. On Medium / / On Patreon / / The Story Podcast.
  • Very Well —7.5k, rated M. A herbalist is dispatched for his role in an arranged marriage of sorts with a priest of Aristaeus far from home. Adapted from a TweetFic. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Vital Maintenance —2.5k, M/M, rated T, just some flirtation and banter in a hotel setting! A hotel receptionist is wooed by their new head of maintenance. Light humour and romance. Adapted from a TweetFic. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Walking Home — 300w. Fluff. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Warden Gordon and the Angel in the Woods — 7.6k. MB. Working in a magical national park, Gryff Gordon has a contentious relationship with a local angel. Featuring Perseverance-Before-God. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Whisper to the Bees — 4.3k, rated T, MB. A journalist goes out to do a small piece on everyday farmlife, and ends up meeting an old acquaintance from school. Just a light-hearted little window into two men’s lives, introducing Melodious King and Calumellus Renn. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Workplace Connections — 10k, rated M, F/F. A young woman makes friends with one of the only male secretaries in her workplace. 1960s Manhattan, featuring lavender marriages, period queerness, misogyny, etc. Light-hearted age gap cheeriness. Adapted from a TweetFic. On Medium / / On Patreon.

Miscellany (General Fiction, Slice-of-Life, Comedy, etc)

  • A Prologue — 1.6k, rated T. MB. Ephraim Margolis, an obstetrician at the Caer Afon Magical Hospital, stops to speak with their nurse lead — Colleen Pike, the daughter of the infamous Lucien Pike. They talk about things that are, and things to come. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Bad Service — 3k, rated T. MB. Lawrence’s valet is far too good at his job. It’s driving him mad. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Belle Flees Her Bounty — 4k, rated M. MB. Belle had been riding since dawn. A woman on the run and a bounty hunter in the West of North America in the 1800s. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Cold Comfort — 14k, M/M, rated E for equally explicit sex and violence. Set in 1920s New Jersey. Nasty and violent. Alvis Hunter, boss of a significant crime operation, steals a captive out from under a rival — Naham, a rabbi’s son who immediately attempts to kill himself. In the aftermath, Alvis tries to keep him alive; Naham tries to find something worth living for. On Medium / / On Patreon / / On Ao3
  • Doctor’s Hands — 1.5k, rated M. MB. Some short slice-of-life and quiet affection. 1.5k, with more of Curt Sangster and Adam Hayden .On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Five Star Service — 2.2k, rated M. MB. Another session with Beau Horvasse and Germain Wagner-Jeanneret. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Little Crush — 1k. A muscle man has a crush on the boss’ new secretary. Just a tiny bit of slice-of-life, a member of the Pike family crushing on Gellert Osgodby! On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Making Port — 700w, rated T. MB. A little slice-of-life short with Orion Cedric Thwaites and Paul Cotton. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Paris at Rest — 1.5k, rated M. Some cis M/M. A sex worker takes his night’s rest on the chest of their bouncer. Just a bit of slice-of-life and quiet feelings with a port sexworker in the Age of Sail! Paris first appeared in Haughty Paris. Notes for some anti-sex work language throughout. On Patreon / / On Medium.
  • Perfect Model — 1.7k, rated M, MB. Just some slice-of-life and bickering between a painter and his model — some teasing and flirtation and some one-sided yearning and unrequited lust on the model’s part, with some feline mischief and some Yiddish too. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Pushing Buttons — 3k. Rated M. MB. Lucien Pike demands his secretary’s time and attention. Some character introspection and slice-of-life with Lucien Pike and Gellert Osgodby. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Repair — Character short, 350w. Lawrence Kidd watches Alexos Fox at work. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • The Secretary —4.1k, rated M. A young woman goes to collect her inheritance. Adapted from a TweetFic. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Sickbed Trade — 500w. One sailor tends another on his sickbed. Just a little M/M piece with some love and intimacy. On Medium / / On Patreon
  • Small Talk — 1.5k, rated M. MB. Germain Wagner-Jeanneret and Beau Horvasse make small talk. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Tomorrow — A shop worker takes sandwiches to some engineers. Just a little bit of slice-of-life, 800w! On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Two of a Kind — 1.2k, rated M. A boy washes up on shore and meets a pirate swordmaster. Warnings for implied sexual abuse and reference to past sexual assault throughout, with a focus on survivors’ solidarity. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Wash — 600w. Lucien Pike/Gellert Osgodby. Just a short vignette with some intimacy between the two of them. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Winter’s Secret — 300w. A little mystery. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Without Mercy — 2.6k, rated M, M/M. A retired mercenary seeks out another Spartan — the man, in fact, responsible for the deaths of his family. Featuring massage, guilt, banter, back-and-forth. On Medium / / On Patreon.


Creative Non-Fiction:

  • Uncling Duties — A selection of conversations with my friends’ cats, Kira and Bercow. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Questions You Wish You Could Ask A Gay Transgender Man — A tongue-in-cheek take on cisgender people’s frequently asked questions. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • A Grindr Hook-Up — An average Grindr hook-up. On Medium / / On Patreon.



Little Man Generator

This is just a silly little random generator made in Sheets to use as writing prompts — generates a little man’s occupation, something he’s passionate about, and a problem he has. On Sheets.

Feminism, Gender, and Trans Experiences

  • Where do I find the queer people? Making friends and finding social & community spaces as an LGBTQ+ adult. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Passing Privilege: Through My Eyes as a Trans Man Who Passes — Second puberty and the waves we send through the spaaces around us. On Medium / / On Patreon / / On Tumblr.
  • The Relief of a Queer Audience as a Fruity Stand-Up Comic —Explaining one’s existence takes time. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Is the Homophobia Worth a New Hobby? — Rolling the dice on homophobia in nerd spaces. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Woe, Boypussy Be Upon Ye: Transing Characters in Fanfic & Fanart — What’s the deal with envisioning your blorbos as transgender? On Medium / / On Patreon
  • Transgender Diaries: Testosterone Day #1– 4.5k. Blog detailing first day T experiences. On Medium.
  • Transgender Diaries: Testosterone Day #28– 4.3k. Blog detailing first day T experiences. On Medium.

Sex and Relationships:

  • Ringing The Devil’s Doorbell: A Light-Hearted, Practical Guide — Let’s talk sex! Vulvar and vaginal stimulation for fun, pleasure, and profit. On Medium.
  • Being A Slut: For Trans MLM — Discussing MLM cruising culture for trans men. On Tumblr / / On Medium.
  • Do I have to be masculine to be a top? — Unpacking some feelings of gender in and around sex and sex acts. On Tumblr / / On Medium.
  • Looking For 🍑🍆💦: A Beginner’s Guide to Grindr for Trans Men — Approaching Grindr and M/M cruising culture as a trans man. On Patreon / / On Medium.
  • Tell Me How You Like It: A Beginner’s Guide to Talking Dirty. How do I dirty talk effectively in the bedroom? How do I start talking when my natural inclination is to remain quiet? What do I say? How do I get over the embarassment? On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • I Want To Fuck The Monster — 2.3k. Monsterfuckery from a trans and disabled perspective. On Medium / / On Patreon.

Fashion and Style:

  • Wearing Waistcoats — Finding waistcoats, choosing a fit, and wearing them .On Medium / / On Patreon.

Writing Guides:

  • 9 rules for writing successful Tweetfic — A short guide to publishing stories directly onto Twitter. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Publishing F.A.Q. —3k. Just a little master post of frequently ask questions about how I publish and write. On Medium.
  • Writing Dialogue: A Technical Primer — 2k. A technical primer denoting some rules and conventions. On Medium.
  • Who said that? Dialogue Guide — 8.5k. Crafting unique, distinctive voices for each and every character. On Medium.
  • Crafting Richer Erotica — Adding depth and complexity to your sex scenes. On Medium / / On Tumblr.

Media Analysis & Response:

  • Close Reading: A Deep Dive Into The Process — An in-depth guide into applying analysis to a piece of text and extrapolating meaning. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • I’m just in the mood for a movie with gay (or bi) dudes! — A rec list that mentions 50 movies, all of them with MLM. On Medium.
  • More gay (or bi) dudes in movies! — Recommendations for more movies featuring men who love men. On Patreon / / On Medium.
  • Raped and Ruined: Themes of Sexual Assault and Reproductive Coercion in Alien (1979) — Exploring the underlying anxieties around sexual assault, loss of bodily autonomy, and forced impregnation in Alien (1979). On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • The Wicker Man (1973, dir. Robin Hardy)’s Spit in the Face of Cops and Colonialism — Exploring The Wicker Man’s themes of authority and control on its 50th anniversary. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • A Man’s Choices Are Always A Woman’s Fault — 3.8k. Marty Robbins’ Devil Woman: an exercise in shifting blame. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Barbie Isn’t Anti-Men — It’s Anti-Toxicity — Patriarchy does damage to us all, and Barbie (2023, dir. Greta Gerwig) clearly depicts that. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Why is Aziraphale so gay? — 7k. Analysis of Aziraphale’s characterisation in Good Omens by Terry Pratchett & Neil Gaiman . On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Yentl: A Trans Man Studying Talmud is Distracted by Gay Thoughts
    Yentl (1983, dir. Barbra Streisand) and Yentl the Yeshiva Boy by Isaac Bashevis Singer. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • The Straight Male Gaze on Pretty Male Gays — How does it feel when straight men want to fuck us? Musings on and response to A Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy’s Revenge (1985). On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • It’s Your Responsibility to Kill Yourself and other interesting viewpoints in The Haunting of Bly Manor. 3.6k. Review. On Medium.
  • M3GAN and a lonely child: M3GAN (2022) on child neglect and avoiding one’s caregiving responsibilities — “She’ll take care of the little things, so you can spend more time doing the things that matter.” A 10k essay delving into themes of caregiving and neglect in M3GAN (2022) across Gemma and Cady, Celia and Dewey, and Holly and Brandon. On Medium / / On Patreon.

Our Flag Means Death — Essays and Episode Analyses

Return To Terok Nor — Essays and Episode Analyses concerning Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

  • Return To Terok Nor: Emissary Parts 1 & 2–7k. Liveblog & analysis of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine S1:E1–E2. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Return to Terok Nor: A Man Alone — 3.7k. Liveblog & analysis of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine S1:E3. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Return to Terok Nor: Past Prologue — 3k. Liveblog & analysis of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine S1:E4. On Medium / / On Patreon.

Miscellaneous Non-Fiction:

Trapped in the Labyrinth: The Minotaur as Trans and Disabled

A presentation and discussion for Romancing the Gothic. Approx 50min long.

  • A Beginner’s Approach to Natural History — 5k. A guide to approaching local natural history — especially learning about insects and birds — as a novice. On Medium.
  • Fast “Who am I?”: A Fun Game to Play with Friends — A silly fun game to play rapidly with your friends and loved ones in 2023. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • The Precarity of Subscription-Based Income — We’re basically busking online. No wonder we have anxiety about it. On Medium.
  • Why I Give Away My Work Away For Free — 2.4k. On Medium / / On Patreon.
  • Why We Need To Write Essays — And more importantly, why they should be fun. 1.2k. On Medium / / On Patreon.

Interviews & Podcasts

  • Transpired Media: Anonsee Presents Johannes T. Evans —“Anonsee Presents:” is a reoccurring interview series focused on telling the stories of trans folks and their experiences, careers, and passions. Today we have author Johannes T. Evans (he/him/his) with us! Watch on YouTube.
  • Dirty talk: a deep dive into smut and the art of fantasy by Kish Lal — An article by Kish Lal for DripFeed, where she interviewed several people about dirty talk, including myself, looking at different fantasies, the psychology of dirty talk, and different ways to approach it. Read on DripFeed
  • Queer Monster Hour with Johannes T. Evans for the Eldritch Girl Podcast — I did an interview with C.M. Rosens, talking about Magic Beholden and themes of dark romance and the complex power dynamics in intimate relationships, especially in Powder and Feathers. Download the Episode / / Read the Transcript

Monstrous May

Monstrous May is a prompt challenge I run every year, starting 2021, with monster and monsterfucking-related prompts for every day of the month of May!



Johannes T. Evans

Gay trans man writing fantasy fiction, romance, and erotica. Big on LGBTQ and disability themes, plus occasional essays and analysis. He/him.