Fair Trade

Erotic short. A passenger on a sail ship makes an unwitting trade with a sailor on watch.

Johannes T. Evans


Photo by Pixabay via Pexels.

1.6k, cis M/M, age difference, oral sex, facefucking, teasing, hair-pulling!

The lad is no sailor, and that’s plain enough to Terry.

Lucas Laidlaw is a young man of twenty-something, the nephew of a friend of one of the fancy officers, but he isn’t fancy himself — Terry gets the impression, although he hasn’t asked, that the boy is being dispatched to the continent that he can’t disgrace the family, fruity little prick as he is.

He makes no attempt to hide it, doesn’t bother to: some of the lads have tried to tease him about it, have made sly digs and comments, but he responds with such bland and unintimidated confidence that they back off with immediacy, no sport or satisfaction to be found in it.

“You mooning over the sailor boys at work, are you, Mr Laidlaw?”

“I hope you weren’t hoping I was mooning over you, sir. My tastes are more exacting than you might satisfy.”

He isn’t cruel about it, doesn’t dig in with his insults — he delivers them smiling and winking, teasing back and meeting any mockery with some of his own, and in such a pleasant and friendly manner that no one takes offence. He might not be a sailor himself, has never worked a day in his life, but Terry can tell from his rhythm with the crew that he’s more than used to sailors and working men: he knows the dance, knows how to banter, knows when and where to pull back, to apologise, to be humble, and where to be sharp and funny.

Terry’s just finishing his shift, and when Massey comes up to relieve him, Terry strides over to where the boy’s been sitting cross-legged on top of a crate, basking in the sun with his little bound journal in his hands — he lets out a yelp as Terry snatches it out of his hand, examining the page he’s bene sketching on with a pencil.

He’s a fine artist, has captured Terry’s likeness, the thickness of his chops and the roundness at his belly — he’s drawn Terry’s arms in motion as Terry gestures for the sails to be raised, and around the sketch of Terry drawn from the knees up, there’s a few other quick portraits of his face, different expressions showing on it.



Johannes T. Evans

Gay trans man writing fantasy fiction, romance, and erotica. Big on LGBTQ and disability themes, plus occasional essays and analysis. He/him.