Violent Dreams

Chapter Nineteen. Jean-Pierre dreams of past boyfriends; Aimé comes to a painful realisation.

Johannes T. Evans


It seems to Aimé Deverell that there is very little point to life, except for what pleasures can be enjoyed before the grave. Life is short — thank God — but at least there’s enough in the world to dull the senses in the meantime.

That philosophy shatters like glass when he meets Jean-Pierre, an angel.

Powder and Feathers is a fantasy fiction serial following the lives of three fallen angels newly arrived back to Dublin. If you are already holy, must you try to be good?

Table of Contents

Content warnings for this chapter: violence, blood, mentions of death, manipulation


When he woke, it was to the sensation of a blade pressed against his throat, and he could feel the tiny teeth of its serrated edge against his skin. He felt his lips curve into a smile, and he sighed, leaning his head back into the hand fisted in his hair, gripping him tightly.

“Hello, Manoli,” he murmured, feeling the affection swell in his chest. “Are you going to slit my throat?”

“Not this morning,” Manolis purred in his ear, and with his other hand hooked two fingers into him, making Jean-Pierre gasp out a sharp noise. “But I might give you a pretty new smile another day.”

Jean-Pierre opened his eyes, turning to meet his gaze, but it wasn’t Manolis’ face that he saw, and he felt his mouth fall open. Bui was smiling at him, and suddenly, there was no harsh grip on his hair — Bui was gently stroking through the locks, combing his fingers through it, and he had Jean-Pierre held in his lap.

“Bui?” Jean-Pierre asked. “I thought…”

“I dropped a piece of my puzzle, the star. Do you know where it is?”

“It’s by my desk,” Jean-Pierre said, touching Bui’s cheek as he stood to his feet. “I’ll get it…



Johannes T. Evans

Gay trans man writing fantasy fiction, romance, and erotica. Big on LGBTQ and disability themes, plus occasional essays and analysis. He/him.