The Arena Fighter

Romance/fantasy short. An arena brute enjoys one of the attendants.

Johannes T. Evans


Photo by David Cruz asenjo via Pexels.

3.5k, M/M. Nasty violent guys getting off on treating each other a bit roughly. Adapted from a TweetFic.

Kick has fought in several arenas over the past few years, and this one is no different to the others. At first, you come, you pay to enter, you fight, you win money. You come back, you pay again, you fight some more, you win some more. He’s risen enough through the ranks that the process has changed a little for him, but it’s the same as other arenas too — he doesn’t pay to enter any more, and he’s given a decent stipend to stay and entertain, to keep fighting.

He’s a headliner, now.

One benefit of this, of being a regular fighter, is that you get to take your pick of the attendants, many of them pretty young things who like to lust and swoon over the fighters, like to lay their delicate hands on your body and feel the muscle under their fingers; others are squires who are training to fight themselves, who are still too young or too unrefined to win in the arena just yet.

Kick’s favourite isn’t either of the two — he’s a little older than the rest, a little scrawny, and he walks with a visible limp. He keeps Kick’s armour clean and in good condition when assigned to him, oils up his body with care and attention.

More importantly, the first time Kick comes in from a fight with a fire burning under his skin, his cock hard and his heart beating fast, grabs Stone by the hair and pulls him to his knees, he drops obediently to the floor. He stumbles a little, but he doesn’t protest, doesn’t argue, doesn’t fight he stares up at Kick with his eyes wide for a moment before he opens his mouth.

“Good,” Kick murmurs. “You know what you’re for.” And when he eases his cock down Stone’s throat he feels the heart and skill of his tongue, feels the wonder of his lips closing around Kick’s cock and the satisfying heat and pressure of it even before he starts to fuck Stone’s throat.

Kick is good, is the thing — there’s a reason that when he asks to have Stone and only Stone, the arena management immediately arrange for Stone to be his regular attendant; when he asks for nicer clothes, finer armour, they’re provided for…



Johannes T. Evans

Gay trans man writing fantasy fiction, romance, and erotica. Big on LGBTQ and disability themes, plus occasional essays and analysis. He/him.