Saturday Summary 10/07/2021

Summary of new work published.

Good evening!

A fine week it’s been.

I’ve had some medical appointments this week, so it’s been a little quieter, and ditto there was no live reading last night, but in the coming week the plan is to start the process of collating some short stories together for eBooks! They won’t be out for a little while, but there’s two volumes I want to put together — one of erotica, and another of mixed short stories; the Lashton novellas will be part of their own collection once they’re finished, and ditto the whole of Gerald Poole and the Pirates.

The general short story collection will be available everywhere, including as a paperback on Amazon, but I’m afraid that the erotica collection will only be available via Smashwords. If there’s any particular short stories you’d like to be included in volumes, please let me know — this only applies to TweetFic that has already been adapted into prose, by the way, and not any of the TweetFic that has yet to be adapted.

With that, onto this week’s summary!

Summary of New Works Published

Short Story: Belle Flees Her Bounty

Belle had been riding since dawn.

A woman on the run and a bounty hunter in the West of North America in the 1800s. 4k. Originally adapted from a TweetFic, and published by Lit Up on Medium.

Content warnings for references to period-typical misogyny and rape culture, and primarily off-screen violence.

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TweetFic: The Angel and the Merchant

Some strange wanderings in mostly fae lands, with a silent angel and a merchant that just cannot keep his mouth shut.

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Serial Update: Powder and Feathers

Chapter Forty-Eight. Aimé and Jean-Pierre explore boundaries in their relationships.

Chapter content warnings: discussions of rape and sexual assault, consent issues and undernegotiated kink, mental illness and self-esteem issues, discussion and exploration of boundaries

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TweetFic: A Hike

Just some short, plotless chatter between Cicero Penllwynog and Coshel Fenwick.

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Short Story: Doctor’s Hands

A trans man muses on the hands of his partner. Some short slice-of-life and quiet affection. 1.5k, with more of Curt Sangster and Adam Hayden.

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TweetFic: Meeting in the Skatepark

Some sweetness and romance between a punk and a bookseller! CW for very mild injury.

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