#MonstrousMayChallenge 2021 FAQ

Some Frequently Asked Questions for the #MonstrousMayChallenge!

Help, I clicked on this out of curiosity and have no idea what the #MonstrousMayChallenge is!

Help, I want to take part in the challenge but I don’t know if I can/want to make something for each and every prompt!

Help, I want to take part but I don’t draw and I don’t write short stories, or I don’t do either quickly enough to fill any of these prompts!

  • make some paper art
  • livestream a related videogame or piece of craft
  • livetweet a favourite movie or similar related to a prompt
  • write meta, critical analysis, or essay(s) related to any of the prompts
  • make recommendations of your favourite media related to any of the prompts, such as a Tweet thread of your favourite monsters for a particular prompt
  • make jokes, shitposts, or memes
  • come up with or brainstorm ideas or further sub-prompts related to any of the prompts
  • write poetry
  • do some photo manips, aesthetic posts, fancams, etc
  • like and share and comment on other people’s creations

Help, I’m not sure where and how to share my work once I’ve made it!

  • on Medium
  • on Patreon
  • on Tumblr or another blogging platform
  • on Ao3 if it’s a fanwork or another transformative work — and if you do publish on Ao3, there’s a collection for the challenge here!

Help! Is it cheating if I make/have made content in advance?

Help, I want to take part but I don’t make original content, I only create fanworks!

Help, I want to participate but I’m too shy to post!

Help, I like monsterfuckery and monstrous romance, and I want to create Hot, Steamy, and Even Potentially Filthy content!

Help, I can’t participate this year! Will I be able to next year?