#MonstrousMayChallenge 2021 FAQ

Help, I clicked on this out of curiosity and have no idea what the #MonstrousMayChallenge is!

The 2021 #MonstrousMayChallenge is a series of creator prompts for every day of the month of May, from the 1st up to the 31st!

Each day of the challenge has its own prompt themed about creating or building on monsters, whether they be new or classic, whether people are interested in making fiction, art, or something else entirely!

Check out the write-up here, which includes further descriptions and alternatives for each prompt:

Help, I want to take part in the challenge but I don’t know if I can/want to make something for each and every prompt!

That’s completely alright!

You’re welcome to make content for every single prompt that you want to, whether that’s one of them or all of them.

If you like one or some prompts particularly, fill them multiple times; if you don’t like or don’t know what to do for specific prompts, use one of the alternates or treat the prompt as a free space and instead make whatever you like!

Help, I want to take part but I don’t draw and I don’t write short stories, or I don’t do either quickly enough to fill any of these prompts!

Some alternatives to drawing or painting, or to writing short stories:

  • make some paper art
  • livestream a related videogame or piece of craft
  • livetweet a favourite movie or similar related to a prompt
  • write meta, critical analysis, or essay(s) related to any of the prompts
  • make recommendations of your favourite media related to any of the prompts, such as a Tweet thread of your favourite monsters for a particular prompt
  • make jokes, shitposts, or memes
  • come up with or brainstorm ideas or further sub-prompts related to any of the prompts
  • write poetry
  • do some photo manips, aesthetic posts, fancams, etc
  • like and share and comment on other people’s creations

Help, I’m not sure where and how to share my work once I’ve made it!

For fiction or other pieces of extended text, you can of course publish

  • on Medium
  • on Patreon
  • on Tumblr or another blogging platform
  • on Ao3 if it’s a fanwork or another transformative work — and if you do publish on Ao3, there’s a collection for the challenge here!

For each piece of work you create, share on whatever platform you please, but make sure to use the #MonstrousMayChallenge tag on Twitter or Instagram or Tumblr, or wherever else you might post, and make sure to check in the tag so you can interact with other creators!

On Medium, make sure to add anything you make to the “Monstrous May Challenge” tag as one of your 5 tags, and that way people will be able to scroll through everything in the same place!

Help! Is it cheating if I make/have made content in advance?

Absolutely not, and if it is cheating, embrace it!

Feel free to post extra content early or late or on the wrong day or with the days swapped around, do whatever you want!

Help, I want to take part but I don’t make original content, I only create fanworks!

That’s no matter!

While this challenge has been created with original creations in mind for the most part, I have a background in transformative works and wouldn’t have made this challenge up were it not for my involvement in fanfiction over the years!

If you want to create fanart and fanfiction, or any other fanworks you like, please do so!

If you use the Ao3 — either for fanworks or original works, and/or if you want to post any meta or similar — there’s a collection for Ao3 works here:

Still feel free to post to any and all of the tags that you like with fanworks or otherwise!

I’d only prompt you to remember that unless you’re creating fanworks for the public domain, you’ll be limited in posting them to some paid platforms such as Medium, as your work will need to be within the realms of what is appropriate for fair use.

Help, I want to participate but I’m too shy to post!

That’s alright!

Feel free to post your work without putting your works in any of the tags, or feel free to create and keep everything to yourself or to private groups and chats!

Help, I like monsterfuckery and monstrous romance, and I want to create Hot, Steamy, and Even Potentially Filthy content!

I absolutely beg you not only to do this but to shovel it directly into my open mouth, especially if it’s minotaurs!

This challenge is whatever you want to make of it — if you want exclusively to make cute, sweet, G-rated content, please absolutely do so; alternatively, if you want only to make the filthiest content you absolutely can, absolutely do that too!

Help, I can’t participate this year! Will I be able to next year?

Maybe! We shall see. :)

I’m super excited about building this challenge, and I’m absolutely anticipating a lot of great works and a lot of fun interactions over the course of the month!

If all goes well this year, I’d absolutely be up for building similar banks of prompts for future years, maybe changing up to the format depending on what people think and how much fun people have!



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Johannes T. Evans

Johannes T. Evans


Gay trans man writing fantasy fiction, romance, and erotica. Big on LGBTQ and disability themes, plus occasional essays and analysis. He/him.