Friday Summary 05/02/2021

Because I’m going to be publishing a lot more and working on a lot more projects in the next few months, as I’ve recently gone down to part-time at my day job and have a great many more hours in the week, I’ve decided to start doing… this!

This is going to be a summary of the work I’ve done in the week, especially new pieces published and accessible to people, as well as just a personal update.

Especially because I know a lot of things can get lost on the Twitter feed especially for algorithm reasons, I thought this would be a nice, consistent way to summarise everything of recent in one place, so!

Romancing the Gothic Author Showcase

Firstly, on Saturday the 30th I took place in the Romancing The Gothic Day of Creation after being invited by the wonderful Doctor Sam Hirst, and alongside KJ Charles and VC Audley, I read aloud my short story which is here on Medium, The Grand Prize, as part of the Author Showcase.

Me reading aloud The Grand Prize for the Romancing The Gothic Author Showcase.

Here’s the video! Please do forgive the truly abysmal state of my bedroom.

I absolutely recommend checking out Romancing The Gothic in general — they do all sorts of free online classes, book clubs, film watches, workshops, little fests, and prompts for creation and so on. There’s so much incredible content on the site and they regularly do new events, so definitely check them out!

Romancing The Gothic have also selected my book Heart of Stone for the Thursday book group on the 4th of March — for each of their book groups they always have two sign-up slots for 10am and 7pm GMT, and I’ll be in attendance for both! You can see Romancing the Gothic’s Book Groups and Author Visits schedule here.

Indie Bites Issue 1

Indie Bites is a tremendous new publication centered around different sorts of fantasy fiction, and this issue was all about Vampires and Voyages!

The stupendously charming reviewer and voracious reader, Asha at A Cat, A Book, and A Cup of Tea, recently finished up reading Heart of Stone, and her initial review of it has been published in the above issue!

As well as the reviews, there are six short stories by a whole array of authors, and you can pick up the issue for free at the above link, so definitely don’t hesitate at all to check it out.

Transitioning to WorldAnvil Manuscripts

For the last few months, I’ve been publishing my original serials onto the Archive of Our Own, Ao3, as well as here on Medium — the Ao3 is run by the Organisation for Transformative Works and is a really, really great platform that I’ve been a member of since about 2012, and I love its tagging system as well as its text editor and formatting options however, it’s of course intended for fanworks not original works.

Although the Ao3 does tentatively allow original works and has categories available for original work, they have taken down original works in the past and often intentionally obscure certain tags for original works published on the platform — so for example, when people write fanfiction of serials I post on Ao3, such as Powder and Feathers, the tagging on that fanfiction redirects to the general original work tag, even though it’s not an original work, but a fanwork of something else also posted to Ao3.

My final issue with posting to Ao3 is in that for legal reasons in order to ensure the protection of those posting fanworks on the site, they do not allow for the posting of a tip jar or a link to Patreon and ideally, one really isn’t meant to link to works for sale either, which for my purposes is not great as obviously I do like to have some links at the end of serial updates linking to a tip jar etc.

I love the OTW, I love Ao3, and I don’t at all criticise them for any of the above, as all these policies make complete sense for a website that is for fanworks and not for original ones, but it’s just been frustrating for me — and moreover, I’m aware that those who don’t come from a similar background as I do in terms of reading fanworks won’t feel any particular loyalty to Ao3 as a website anyway.

So, with that said, I’ve decided that as well as posting serial fiction here to Medium, I’m also going to be publishing serial fiction to WorldAnvil using their manuscript function, which is very clean, really easy to look, allows people to subscribe, to comment, to like, and in general is just… really, really great, and everything I want from a platform for to post to, especially because I can also link my Ko-Fi and Patreon!

So in the course of the week, I’ve published three ongoing serials all over to WorldAnvil: Powder and Feathers and Letters from Ganymede, each of which are already being published here to Medium chapter by chapter, and The Boatswain’s Hook, which is a Peter Pan sequel with Hook and Smee retiring from Neverland after Hook develops asthma. I’ve published the latter here as a short story already but I’m adapting that into a longer serial, and I will be publishing to Medium in bigger parts of three or four bundled chapters later on!

Covers for Powder and Feathers, Letters from Ganymede, and a stand-in cover for The Boatswain’s Hook.

As ever, the above serials once completed will be re-edited and re-polished to be published as eBooks like I did with Heart of Stone — I’m just going to be using WorldAnvil as my primary platform alongside Medium.

You can check them out here: Powder and Feathers, Letters from Ganymede, and The Boatswain’s Hook, all on WorldAnvil.

WorldAnvil is actually a website for creating a complex wiki for your worldbuilding and there’s already quite a bit of content on there, but I’ll be developing it further in the next few months so it’s a far more robust resource for readers and for me with timelines, wiki entries, family trees, and so on and so forth.

I do want to say for the record that while I won’t be publishing new serials to Ao3, I will complete the serials I’ve already started posting on there!

New Serial: An Uncommon Betrothal

The original Butler and Gentleman TweetFic.

On the 19th of January, I finished up a TweetFic called the Butler and the Gentleman which did quite well and I was really pleased with it but it’s been sticking in my head a lot and I wanted to adapt it into prose, and it’s going to be long!

Alexos Fox is of course quite sad when the long-time butler of his household, the man who all but raised him, retires. He is not at all prepared for the old man’s replacement: his exceedingly attractive and painfully tempting nephew, Harry Sutton.

Alexos, overcome with feelings that are simply too much to repress, tries his best to avoid him, but it seems that Mr Sutton has more than his employment on his mind as he attends his new employer with keen and concentrated focus.

Erotic romance with a big emphasis on period-typical homophobia, repression, power dynamics, and so on.

Read on WorldAnvil:

Chapter One here on Medium:

Summary of New Works

The Boatswain’s Hook: Chapter Three

Short Story: More Than Coffee

Del’s place of work is a front for an underground surgery. One of their new patrons doesn’t care: he just wants his coffee.

Romance, erotica, humour, and a little bit of crime. Also adapted from a TweetFic. 50 minute read.

Content warnings: explicit sex, violence, mild gore and injury

TweetFic: The Quartermaster and An Irritating Sailor

Silly and short, a little BDSM and ridiculousness — nothing explicit or extreme, just spanking.

TweetFic: A Gentleman Kidnapped At Sea

As I write up this summary, this last TweetFic is currently in progress!

Thanks for reading!

As I advised above, I’m going to start doing these summaries every Friday to keep everyone abreast of everything that’s recently gone on in the week, so I’ll return to this next week!



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