An Uncommon Betrothal: Chapter Seventeen

Alexos takes a bath at the hotel.

Johannes T. Evans


Cover photo credit to Lisa Fotios on Pexels.

Alexos Fox is of course quite sad when the long-time butler of his household, the man who all but raised him, retires. He is not at all prepared for the old man’s replacement: his exceedingly attractive and painfully tempting nephew, Harry Sutton.

Alexos, overcome with feelings that are simply too much to repress, tries his best to avoid him, but it seems that Mr Sutton has more than his employment on his mind as he attends his new employer with keen and concentrated focus.

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They arrived at Brighton in the early afternoon, and Harry led the way to their hotel, which was near to the beachfront. He was not pleased, upon arriving, to be given a room on the third floor, and for the lift to be out of order. It took him a few minutes to convince him to swap their rooms over, arguing with the young man that Mr Fox was hardly capable of traipsing up and down the stairs.

Initially, he could see that the gentleman assumed he was a veteran — there was something in his tone and the twist of his lips as he began offering rooms farther back from the main reception, at a longer distance, that made it clear he was assuming Alexos was like as not visibly scarred, or otherwise an eyesore, unpleasant to look at.

Harry showed only as much of his anger at the concept as was necessary to frighten the other man into quicker acquiescence, and when he came back to Larry and Alexos, it was to find that Larry was chattering happily away to some nearby friend about one of his most recent books.

“What were you arguing with the receptionist about?” Alexos asked, not standing yet to his feet, his hands loosely clasped about the top of his cane and his chin rested on top of them.

“An unsatisfactory room, although I’ve repaired matters.”

“The lift is out-of-order, I notice.”



Johannes T. Evans

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