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He/him. Welsh author living in Ireland. Love comedy, photography, and fae. If you like 18th-century slowburn gay romance, I have a book:

List of all my current works, both fiction and non-fiction.

Photo credit to the author, from Crete 2018.

At a boring party, a young battle mage speaks with a god.

Photo by Patrick Fore via Unsplash.

A distinctly queer adventure full of internal conflict ensues when a gentleman and a sailor are captured by pirates.

Photo by Elena Theodoridou via Unsplash.

Slice-of-life short. A doctor and a nurse discuss changing conditions.

Photo by S. Tsuchiya via Unsplash.

Summary of new works and general update.

Chapter Three. Alexos slips when he goes for a bath.

Cover photo credit to Lisa Fotios on Pexels.

A butler and his gentleman seek respite from a demanding morning.

Photo by Noah Silliman via Unsplash.

Fantasy short. An angel tells a curious story.

Photo by Diana Parkhouse via Unsplash.

Erotic short. It’s very hot in Judd’s lecture, and he’s distracted.

Photo by Ian Keefe via Unsplash.

Summary of new work published.

Johannes Evans

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