Gay trans man writing fantasy fiction, romance, and erotica. Big on LGBTQ and disability themes, plus occasional essays and analysis. He/him.

List of all my current works, both fiction and non-fiction.

Photo credit to the author, from Crete 2018.

This directory is separated into Fiction, Poetry, and Non-Fiction sections. Fiction is divided into the sub-categories of Fantasy, Erotica, Romance, Comedy/Slice-of-Life, Horror, and Miscellany. Non-Fiction is divided into sub-categories of Writing Guides and Essays.

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Romance short. An overworked business consultant struggles with his new assistant.

Photo by Mikhail Nilov via Pexels.

Rated M, M/M, 2.7k. Silly short with a nasty little businessman being thawed out by a nasty but efficient new secretary. Mild humour and seduction. Adapted from a TweetFic.

Content warnings for ADHD-impacted disordered eating and dietary problems, self esteem issues, drug use, and workaholism/stress.

“I’m a difficult client. They…

Erotic short. A captain watches his sailor put through his paces.

A little erotica, cis M/trans M, 600 words! More of Captain Tom Warren and Samuel Coates with a third — some voyeurism, overstimulation, a few tears, D/s, and a little DP!

Tom sat back, his legs spread apart, his hands on the arms of the big chair he’d settled in…

Romance short. After an injury stops him working, a failing deckhand gets a new lease on life.

Photo by Jorge Zapata via Pexels.

20k, rated M, cis M/M romance and light comedy! Themes around cooking and nurturing, identity and sense of self, and complex family dynamics. Adapted from a TweetFic.

Content warnings for emotional abuse and implied physical abuse, some racial microaggressions, severe social anxiety, self-esteem issues. There’s food kink and feeding kink…

Valorous King is ten years old when his family ship him to boarding school, just around the corner.

Photo by Aidan Roof, via Pexels.

Valorous King appears in King’s Service and A King’s Man.

Rated T, 5k. Some young Valorous King coming to board at Idloes Academy. Thinking I’ll do some vignettes and bits of pieces in a loose series for this, just around Valorous and other kids, his teachers, and Myrddin Wyllt!


Fantasy-Horror short. Archie had idolised Casper Hugo almost his entire life.

Photo by cottonbro via Pexels.

11.6k. Rated M. M/M. Deeply fucked up fantasy-horror, wherein a man finds that his dream of taking over his hero’s restaurant is not to proceed as smoothly as he hoped. Adapted from a TweetFic.

Content warnings for: horror themes…

Fantasy short. A shopkeeper slowly comes to fall for a weaver when he comes to town.

Photo by Chris F. via Pexels.

Slow romance and fantasy short between a shopkeeper in an isolated Scottish village, and a weaver that comes up from somewhere way down south. 12k, rated M, M/M.

Note CWs for blood and violence, spousal abuse, domestic violence, and stalking.

The shop was small and nestled in the wedge between…

Alexos’ recovery goes far more smoothly than anyone expected; Harry and Alexos negotiate terms.

Cover photo credit to Lisa Fotios on Pexels.

Alexos Fox is of course quite sad when the long-time butler of his household, the man who all but raised him, retires. He is not at all prepared for the old man’s replacement: his exceedingly attractive and painfully tempting nephew, Harry Sutton.

Alexos, overcome with feelings that are simply too…

Romance & comedy short. A quartermaster works up the nerve to finally mount a seduction on their accountant.

Photo by lilartsy via Pexels.

Rated M, M/M, 4.5k. Dark humour and biting banter throughout, between an exceedingly cautious and paranoid accountant and the quartermaster who’s finally worked up the courage to ask him out. Adapted from a TweetFic.

Ross Forthright had always been a bit — painfully — enchanted by the nasty little accountant…

Romcom short. A bodyguard is assigned to look after a very provocative poet.

Photo by Top 5 Way, via Pexels.

4.5k, M/M, rated M. Bickering bastards going between American settler towns at the turn of the century. Adapted from a TweetFic.

Content warnings for casual period-typical homophobia and substance use throughout.

Jared had expected to be met with a little homo in a suit.

He wasn’t sure if he’d be…

Johannes T. Evans

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